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Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in Technology |

The U.S. Air Force spy bugs would be developing

The U.S. Air Force spy bugs would be developing

One of the most important parts of the arsenal is its fleet of drones , ie their drones, which are used in spy missions, observation or attack in all scenarios in which the U.S. is present. Within this fleet of drones, one of the most striking is the RQ-170 , a plane that supposedly undetectable but was hacked and trapped in Iran and, of course, to be compromised this technology have no choice but to seek alternatives. It has long worked with DARPA insect insertarles sensors and evaluate their use as web bugs, something that also other research work . It seems that, according to rumors , the U.S. Air Force would also be walking down this path and work in the development of insect-drone.

Although nothing is confirmed yet, it seems that the Defense Department has earmarked a significant departure prespuestaria to develop miniature Drones that can be used in surveillance and espionage and go unnoticed, something like a “squadron swarm” of flies or bees. With some reminiscences that make us remember the series X-Files and the bees that were used to propagate the strain extraterrestrial, the information moves through the network points to a very real project that would be involved in the Johns Hopkins University and Office of Science of the U.S. Air Force.

These MAV (micro air vehicles) would aim infiltration in urban areas where there are large concentrations of buildings and population, places where it would be impossible to fly a UAV called traditional because our attention.

What type of system could carry these robot insects? Circulating information is scarce and basically everything is unconfirmed and based on but said they would be equipped with camera and microphone to record audio and video. In fact, some approaches to something “conspiracy” suggest that these could be used in offensive tasks and inoculate virus or take blood samples from other people (since they would be being designed to perfectly imitate the insects, how they fly and perch on human skin).

Fact or fiction? The truth is that America and the Defense Department have been working with these systems and would not be strange to think that this research is being carried out, in fact, are also experimenting with other living things ( as snails ) and countries like Israel also work in small drones that could deploy on the inside of buildings, therefore, it seems that this type of system is much closer than we might think.

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