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Posted by on Sep 4, 2012 in Intellectual Property, Internet |

The U.S. Congress requires transparency in the seizure of domains

The U.S. Congress requires transparency in the seizure of domains

Known as “Operation “, confiscation of sites by the Department of Homeland Security in the United States, Homeland Security, appears to have entered a phase of public debate. Upon surrender to the case , admitting the government itself a waiver in the case against the site, several members of Congress raise the question about this dubious process and transparency.

What members of Congress raised a reasonable doubt about how to seize these domains. They do this through a letter to Attorney General Holder where questioning Homeland Security procedures and jurisdiction that protects them when they take measures to seize the pages that allegedly violate laws.

In the same take as an example the case of Dajaz1 web, a web link as rojadirecta was taken and accused of links linking to copyrighted songs. Over a year later, the domain was restored , as the Spanish site, provided no more information than a dismissal of the case.

The defense team page has since sought to discuss the matter but the government has refused to cooperate in the process. Finally it has been known that the Association of Recording Industry of the United States played a major role in the spread of the seizure, information that has been kept secret for a year.

As we read in the letter from Congress, members indicate that:

Censorship of what appears to be a legitimate site lasted unnecessarily while the web site owner has not been able to obtain more information. In addition, the specified site content many of the links containing copyrighted songs.

As a result we are very concerned that agencies can act with lack of research in the process.

A letter reopens a debate about the transparency of these actions including seven questions, each asking for clarification of the identification process and the way in which it will act in the future after Dajaz1 cases and rojadirecta.

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