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Posted by on Dec 19, 2012 in Multimedia |

The vector-based video could be a reality

The vector-based video could be a reality

As we know, the traditional are made of bitmaps. With them we have a problem is that for each new resolution we need a different picture if you do not want to lose quality. You can generate images in vector programs, which can be seen regardless of the resolution of your screen but they are static. For we had no solution to today, as researchers from Bath University have developed a codec that can generate video.

The main problem we have when we develop static images is that the colors are solid and defined limits are marked. This is very useful for poster and graphic design as it gives us powerful images that are exportable to any resolution. But the vectors represent realistic images are not capable of representing the nuances and subtleties so perfectly as bitmaps.

Advantageously images drawn with vectors, being a series of equations, take up much less space. While creating the static images have both options available and can work with either one or the other depending on the outcome we want, we only have a video option.

We choose the maximum resolution that the camera work and is responsible for saving many images per second, but each is a bitmap. What would this codec would solve the tricky part of making vector images. This is to fill the space between different colors in a subtle and professional, making color transitions between areas of an image. Were not disclosed details of how they have managed to do this but if you say that this new format will displace the bitmaps in about five years.

The codec can encode and decode video files in the new format and allows us to get a video or image that does not depend on any resolution. As they say, the result is the same as with the traditional image. One of the researchers commented that “this is a significant advance that will revolutionize the way in which audiovisual occur” but for now espra not throw the public and who are seeking commercial partners to further develop the technology. In the link you can see a sample.

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