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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Science |

The venom of the black mamba is a powerful painkiller

The venom of the black mamba is a powerful painkiller

At least as potent as morphine but with the proviso that does not contain most of the side effects of this. French researchers have found two compounds in the of the deadly to function as the best painkiller .

The famous African snake neurotoxins used to paralyze and kill small animals. Also happens to be one of the most dangerous snakes because of its speed. What no one could imagine is that within its poison was also a potent analgesic, a finding that has puzzled the scientific community.

According to researchers in Nature have, we analyzed 50 species of poison before giving these two protein chains that produced the mamba mambalginas calls.

The mambalginas would be in charge of preventing the normal functioning of the ion channels of the nervous system responsible for pain. But the most surprising thing is that they do without the side effects of morphine or apparent toxicity of snake venom. According to Eric Lingueglia account, one of the researchers:

When tested in mice, analgesia was as strong as morphine but without the side effects. Morphine acts on the opioid pathway in the brain, reduces pain but also is addictive and causes headaches, vomiting and cramps.

Instead, the mambalgina acts through a different route which does not cause these effects.

A finding that enable researchers to study and understand more about the mechanisms of pain. Not only that, the discovery is expected to start a new path to develop new analgesics which could be used in clinics.

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