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Posted by on Jan 2, 2013 in News |

The Windows market share increases half year after falling

The Windows market share increases half year after falling

is the most used operating system in the world. That’s for sure. Surely, because it is a software that can be installed on any type of equipment that is able to adapt to all budgets. However, in the last six months the share of Windows has been reduced but ultimately finished 2012 with a positive balance, ie Windows 7 and Windows 8 have been increased.

Last month Windows XP, the operating system of longest, its market share fell below 40%. It also ended the year with a growth of Windows 7 and Windows 8. In fact, the latter rose from 1.09% to 1.64% last December. Furthermore, Windows 7 grew by 0.40% since increased from 44.71% to 45.11%. Still remains the dominant large field. Windows Vista, the system that failed to materialize at all has seen its market share by 0.03%, now stands at 5.67%.

In the same period, the market share of Windows generally has increased. It’s been a spectacular 91.45% to 91.74% impressive while Mac OS X and Linux have dropped a bit.

However, Windows XP is still a heavyweight, which quite annoying as it prevents Microsoft from taking off their latest operating systems like Windows 8 innovative. Keep in mind that XP already has more than a decade since it was launched in 2001. However, they got a robust system that loved to users and still does as 4 out of 10 or still use.

The holidays are often an ideal time to give technology products and maybe in the next month’s data is reflected in the data. Windows 8 is a very innovative operating system that completely changes the typical Windows interface we were used to. Now, he has focused on gestures to offer a similar experience on touch devices like tablets, for example. Want to implement its ecosystem beyond personal computers. Does trigger many devices with Windows 8 the next day? Lack little to tell.

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