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Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in Technology |

The Windows Phone application is available for Windows 8

The Windows Phone application is available for Windows 8

Anticipating a couple of hours to the official launch of by Microsoft in San Francisco, the tool that replaces in part the Zune software on new devices with Windows 8 and Windows RT, is available in the app store .

The new application called My Windows Phone, which is only compatible with devices running Windows Phone 8, and presumably those who have updated Windows Phone 7.8 has a number of features:

  • Get an overview of what is in our device at all times.
  • Add photos, music and videos from our Windows Phone to our Windows 8, and vice versa.
  • Search for more applications and games featured in the store.
  • Easily view the space used in our Windows Phone for each content type.
  • Perform actions such as, finding a lost phone, delete or manage your Xbox LIVE ourselves through private web Windows Phone consumers.

It is quite likely that this synchronization tool has been released a couple of hours before the official time, by accident. What might reflect that the application is not completely finished.

Right now remains to be seen what will happen to consumers who are using Windows XP or Mac onwards, but the easiest option for them to enjoy the synchronization of your Windows Phone Windows Phone 8 or 7.8 on the PC, is an update Software. Both Zune, and Windows Phone Application Connector for Mac

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