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Posted by on Oct 29, 2012 in News |

The Windows Phone Marketplace already has 120,000 apps 8

The Windows Phone Marketplace already has 120,000 apps 8

Today Microsoft announced at its event on the launch of that Marketplace already has 120,000 apps.

One point that has always been criticized Windows Phone is the shortage of applications compatible with its terminals. Well in today’s event to introduce Windows Phone 8, Joe Belfiore, vice president of Microsoft, has said that the Windows Phone Marketplace has reached 8 and the 120,000 applications.

Although many seem to put it in perspective we say that Apple’s AppStore has 700,000 apps and Google Play some 650,000. But we must also recognize that Microsoft is putting a lot of effort in making Windows Phone 8 a revolutionary and innovative. This large number of applications are available indicate that in a good way in order to become the third alternative in a highly polarized smartphone market. It was also reported that in June when the Marketplace had 100,000 applications so the trend is positive.

They have also announced that 46 of the top 50 applications of the two other systems will be available for Windows Phone 8, some of which will be Temple Run, Words With Friends, Angry Birds and Pandora Star Wars.

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