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Posted by on Aug 16, 2012 in Internet, Social Networks |

Themeleon: create stunning backgrounds for your Twitter profile

Themeleon: create stunning backgrounds for your Twitter profile

A few days ago we shared some tips to make Twitter a powerful business tool . Among these we find the recommendation to take advantage of the depth of our creative profile.

However, you must be looking to do business to enable us to have a nice background to impress visitors to our profile. On the Internet there are a number of tools available to help with the task of customization, but not all are good, some are totally devoid of good taste and others focus more on finding the best place to display their advertising, which is not bad, but generally only get to ruin the design.

Fortunately there Themeleon , a tool full of themes, patterns and color palettes to raise funds incredibly attractive and very high quality, easy to use that even your grandmother can ask you decorate Twitter.

To begin, the first thing to do is log into the application with your credentials, so you can have a real-time view of your profile will look like when finished customizing. The preview appears in the lower half of the screen, while the upper half are the different options available, which will review soon.

The first option we found are the issues. There are 50 available, all creations of the people of Tweety Got Back , in addition to the 9 designed to support various causes and charities. In general there are issues for everyone, each including a background image and color palette that goes with it.

If we are not comfortable with any of the issues, we can generate our own combinations by choosing one of the 4,000 employers and over 4,500 color palettes available. If this is not enough, all employers are editable and we also have the ability to generate our own palettes and load images from your hard drive, so the choices are virtually endless.

Once you are satisfied with your selection, simply click on the button “save profile”. Automatically changes will be reflected in your Twitter account.

If after trying Themeleon alternatives are not satisfied, you can take the “hard way” and design your bottom hand. For this case, my recommendation is to use an image with a size of at least 1600x900px (although ideally 2500x1600px), this to ensure that the fund will look good on any monitor because, remember, not all users have the same size screens and with the same resolution.

For images that are cut at the edges, the trick is to find the predominant color hex code at the end where the cut occurs, and then use this code to set a new background color. This is done from the settings of Twitter, in “Design”> “Background Color”.

Finally, some ideas to build a fund created by hand, would be putting our user names on other social networks, our blog or contact information we deem necessary. And can also serve to supplement some information about us, in the event that the characters of the Bio 160 are not sufficient.

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