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Posted by on Oct 7, 2012 in Technology |

Thermite, the robot for firefighting

Although it may seem removed from the plot of a film or a novel of science fiction, robots are increasingly present in real applications and prison officers exercising , driving our cars or think could patrol our streets . Gradually, automata and robots have been introduced in the industry and many other areas to assist us in our work or directly replace humans in heavy or dangerous tasks. suppression is a very risky activity in which, for some time, also shuffled the use of robots and where a company specializing in the development of heavy vehicles has presented the Thermite , a robot for firefighting that the firefighters avoid being in “first line”.

Howe and Howe Technologies , the company behind the project, has developed a complete set of robots to work in the fire where we can find a robot “observation” (called Eagle Eye), a robot with a mechanical arm (called Guardian) and, most interestingly, a robot to place on the front line when it comes to putting out a fire: the Thermite.

The is a robot of about five feet high, which is able to pump about 160 liters of water per minute and throw under pressure against the flames of a fire, becoming the first commercial robot specialized in this type of tasks. The robot, which at first glance may seem like a small armored vehicle is made of steel and aluminum with the idea that resists any environment, including an emergency situation at a chemical plant or nuclear and managed remotely from a control center.

The idea is that, in conjugation with the other robots, firefighters have a roster of solutions that avoid direct exposure to danger and able to practice, making use of such systems, in the case of Thermite, is priced at $96,000, or nearly 75,000 euros. At first glance it does not seem too high an investment ($96,000) when compared to the advantages, for example, to protect rescuers and provide direct support in emergency situations.

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