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Posted by on Aug 22, 2012 in Science |

They get the first evidence of a star eating a planet

They get the first evidence of a star eating a planet

I got it the first potential evidence of what could happen to the Earth. Of course, in a time when none of which we are now able to witness the planet. The first evidence of the destruction of a planet from a star , the latter expanding into a red giant.

So I told Alex Wolszczan of Penn State University and member of the team that found the evidence of a lost planet and how it was eaten by its parent star:

A similar fate may wait to the inner planets of our solar system, when the becomes a red giant and expand to reach the Earth’s orbit in about five billion years from now.

And all thanks to the so-called red giant star BD +48 740, the guilty to “eat” the planet. A star larger than the sun in these monuments has a radius of about eleven times larger than our Sun.

The evidence uncovered by the researchers was a massive planet in a highly elliptical orbit that was surprisingly around the star, indicating a lost planet, along with the chemical composition of the star.

Our detailed spectroscopic analysis reveals that this red giant star, BD 48 740, contains an abnormally high amount of lithium, a rare element mainly created during the Big Bang 14 billion years. Lithium is easily destroyed in stars, so abnormally high abundance in this star is more unusual.

Theorists have identified only a few very specific circumstances, other than the Big Bang, which can create lithium in stars. For BD 48 740, it is likely that lithium production was caused by a mass the size of a planet spiraling toward the star and the warm up while the star was moving.

It is thanks to the high mass of the planet that was devoured by the star (along with the chemical composition) astronomers have observed the star. Circumstances unique and very hard to get, while not even have pictures, just and graphical representations.

Anyway, in five billion years the Earth will be swallowed by the Sun in the same way. He will when the Sun begins to expand. Still, life on Earth as we know it will be impossible long before.

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