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Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Video Games |

They have a Wii U version Super Nintendo Controller Pro

They have a Wii U version Super Nintendo Controller Pro

Just missing a little over a month for the new console from Nintendo is a reality in Europe and around the world, and little by little we have known the most important details about it, such as its price , which will lock region ( too bad) and not only will this peculiar command called Gamepad Wii U , but with a classic version for games that have submitted several months ago under the name Wii U Controller Pro .

However, today appeared in the catalog of an Australian retailer called EB Games, a fairly Retro knob “Pro” for Wii U, which is inspired by nothing less than control of that traditional console in the 90s caused a sensation and was an icon for all lovers of video games, including even for so-called “retrogamers”, the classic Super (SNES).

If this command awakened a sense of nostalgia in you, know that you might not reach your hands, because the only bad news about it is that it is unknown whether it will come to Australia and elsewhere. And it is this SNES version of Wii U Controller Pro is not made by Nintendo, but by a third party.

Certainly looks spectacular and honors the retro fashion that for a couple of years on trend in youth, besides bringing great memories to those who play with a SNES and now we will do with the new Wii U. The price of this command is only 40 euros, 20 euros one cheaper than the Wii U Controller Pro original.

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