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Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Design |

They propose a floating airport for London

They propose a floating airport for London

What we see on the images is the project launched by the architectural firm Gensler. A construction proposed the idea of a on the surface of the Thames, London Britannia . could accommodate an airport with futuristic in the estuary.

The Thames Estuary is one of the main incoming North Sea on the east coast of Britain, the area in which flows the River Thames. It is also the door that gives access to all marine traffic in the London area and the point where it concentrates an important industrial and residential activity.

The idea of the project is set in the area a number of tracks floating, all tied to the seabed with a path leading through a high-speed train would provide direct links between London and Europe.

They propose a floating airport for London image 2

An ambitious proposal at an estimated cost of around 80 billion dollars. One idea that has been shuffled over time in many other places but has never crystallize. Proposals for airports and runways that are not out of the planning stage.

Gensler’s project is not the first in the London enclave. Since 1940 there have been many proposals last year and even considered the possibility of an artificial island near the mouth of the Thames.

They propose a floating airport for London image 3

Anyway, this new initiative is certainly the most spectacular. To become reality, the architectural firm proposes decongest the largest airport of London Heathrow, and divert excess traffic to the four tracks on the London Britannia.

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