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Posted by on Nov 15, 2012 in Software, Technology |

Thimble, the web editor of Mozilla interesting

Thimble, the web editor of Mozilla interesting

The last of the major novelties presented at the Festival last weekend was Mozilla Thimble. In fact, it was so new to wear launched a few months, but took care to exhibit their potential through the projects themselves and others that users have sent to serve as examples and we know better your chances.

Thimble is a web editor is making available to anyone without knowledge of programming and development to create a website. It is designed for novices to be able to cope with it, while they are learning or expanding knowledge of HTML. And in that is based Thimble: divide the browser window into two parts, the left to enter the code, and the right to see the results in real time and the changes that are happening with each new line of code. Learning begins especially when we were wrong, as detected Thimble our mistakes and explains how we have failed. Furthermore, we can start from scratch, or by another user project that will serve as a starting template.

It is also aimed at more experienced users, it also allows you to use style sheets. And once we have a satisfactory outcome, with a click can be published and share the link immediately. Definitely a highly valuable resource for all beginners who want to learn to write HTML code, or create your own website without the limitations of a blog templates, for example. That’s one of the goals of Mozilla: bringing the user unlimited tools easily and even educational, as in the case of Thimble, which indicates faults and teaches us to correct them.

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