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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Apple |

Things that the iPad Mini will be better than the iPad

Things that the iPad Mini will be better than the iPad

We are on the eve of what will be the confirmation of the third event of the year Apple for the mobile market as it first was the new iPad in early 2012, then the iPhone 5 a couple of months ago, and now, it appears that on 17 October, will see the much speculated birth iPad Mini, a new object of desire of the white apple certainly has caused quite a sensation.

A smaller is almost a reality, with endless leaks which becomes a victim again Apple (and all that occurred prior to the presentation of the iPhone 5), including what promises to be the first images This iPad Mini and that, like the new iPod Touch , this tablet come in different colors .

However, while the has not yet been confirmed, as has been the victim of countless reviews because it is a smaller version of the original Apple tablet, which, as many say, “Steve Jobs would never have allowed “a very poor argument because it is the public that demands new products, and Apple tends to innovate and revolutionize the market, but also satisfy the same needs.

In fact, today we present a list of characteristics in which the iPad Mini is better than the original iPad.

Mobility and weight

Certainly the original iPad is a device that allows the user to carry it everywhere with some comfort, thanks to having the size of a book about. However, it is a reality that a smaller size allows greater mobility. Ignoring the fact whether it is better or worse a 10-inch screen for a tablet (come on, it is the user who decides which type of display needs and suits), 7.85-inch screen that has the iPad Mini allows its user to take comfortably into any backpack, purse, or even in the pocket of some types of pants as well as in the case of a 7-inch Android tablet.

Another point to note with respect to mobility is the weight of the device, taking into account that the third generation iPad slashing 600 grams, a smaller version narrowly exceed the 300 grams, a great advantage when carrying it all parts with us, as an adjunct or assistant in our daily work, especially in academia which is said to be directed.

I have to note that, although currently I’m using an iPad, before I told several models 7 inch Android tablets and the latter certainly posed a greater advantage when carry with me everywhere, so for iOS lovers, This should be a point to consider before getting an iPad.


While the iPad has many advantages over Android in the world of tablets (this is true), especially in realizing the amount of applications that are designed for this kind of devices on iOS, the fact that there is a tablet with Quadcore CPU and GPU excellent for just $ 199 is a great temptation for many people, I mean Nexus 7 . In addition, there are other low cost options and great features like HD Kindle Fire that gradually impact the market share of the Apple tablet.

This is also a reality, and we must take into account that the tablet of Cupertino has a minimum price of $ 499 in its most recent version (or $399 the iPad 2), a high price for many, and is here comes the iPad Mini. This, will cost around 250-300 dollars, which will make it much more affordable for most people, and more attractive than Android tablets, again due to having more than 200,000 applications designed for devices of this kind.

Of course, the iPad Mini would have a lower storage hardware and third-generation iPad rumored 8GB counting on the same CPU and iPad 2 (A5), besides not having a screen Retina Display. However, for the type of use that is designed this is no limitation. In fact, except for the most powerful games, the iPad 2 can do everything the new iPad does, so the Mini version could also just that, of course, in smaller dimensions.

Things that the iPad Mini will be better than the iPad image 2

Puerto Lightning

Perhaps the most obvious advantage is the fact of having the new Lightning port, which Apple released in conjunction with the iPhone 5 to update after more than 10 years its traditional 30-pin port, and which certainly has some advantages but , has not made many happy users of accessories for iPhone, iPod or iPad, which in many cases do not support the new port.

But upgrading to Lightning is a reality, there is no turning back, so the fact that the iPad Mini count on this port makes it compatible with the new generation of accessories and peripherals that will begin to be born in the market, which should be licensed by Apple thanks to chip incorporating the connector ( although this has already been hacked ). Being part of the new generation of iDevices is an advantage over the past generation, especially when Apple has made a change as important as its port.

Mini iPad for Christmas

The next October 17 will be officially presented the iPad Mini, and here in techcrash we will be reporting everything about this device promises to be a very sought after and sold this Christmas.

Apple bets on the youth market with this device, the market full of students and boys and girls who go to daily classes and read many books to improve their academic profile, and this is where Tim Cook and his team want to see the iPad Mini as the best partner in student assignments. However, this does not mean that any user can not enjoy the benefits of a 7.85-inch iPad.

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