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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Mobile |

Things you can do with your Kindle (besides reading books)

Things you can do with your Kindle (besides reading books)

The first time I used a after a few hours I began to realize that what I liked about this retrotableta black and white was the ability he had to bring me back the joy of reading, to give me the context for concentration. That efficiency when well implemented technology to turn invisible and make it important the function, not the color, ie read without distractions. Back to the books, but forward .

And yet so unassuming, most models of Kindle Amazon can do many other things besides reading, and it’s always good to know these hidden features to take full advantage surely a device that never leaves us.

What are they?

  • Surfing the web: All models allow access and navigate web pages, considering that in the non-Fire Kindle navigation is a delicious retrostyle, because it is in grayscale e-ink screen and has a definition low. The browser is experimental and is thus limited to 50MB for 3G, this limit disappears when using Wi-Fi.
  • Tweet (from web)
  • Refer to Wikipedia
  • Subscribe to magazines and digital editions of newspapers to read them before they hit the kiosk
  • Bringing you need to consult documents, sending via email that you have authorized on your Amazon Kindle account.
  • Make a screenshot (only models with keyboard), press Alt + Shift + G
  • Preserve your library: keeping a digital copy in case you suffer a fire, flood or theft.
  • Chat using Yahoo Messenger: We know that Meebo does not work because it uses Flash on Kindle, but at least we have an option to chat: going to the URL: through browser, you can enter Yahoo chat and communicate with our contacts from there.
  • Use the search and its possibilities: within Kindle can not just look in my items (Library), but also take advantage of other options: search the Kindle store, search on Google, search for a word in the dictionary or Wikipedia, go the web.
  • Depending on the model, you can listen to music, audiobooks ([as the Kindle Touch for example) or watching videos, as in the case of the Kindle Fire .
  • Provide your books to friends: for this you have to go to your Kindle library on Amazon and click the + next to that is to the right of each title. Not all books allow this option, but if anyone does, appear in the menu. Please note that books can be lent only once.
  • Use the dictionary: Kindle comes with the New Oxford American Dictionary loaded, so you can start learning the meaning of the words as you read, but you can refer to it when you need, entering it and using search.
  • Knowing the time and day: @time looking in the search (search my items) displayed the time and date on the screen.

Surely there is some trick that eludes me … If you know, write it in the comments.

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