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Posted by on Sep 19, 2012 in Science |

This completes the first two uterus transplants from mother to daughter in the world

The possibility that two women might give birth from the same “womb” where they were born this close to being a reality. Sweden has successfully completed the first two uterus transplants mother-daughter in the world .

An operation was performed by a group of doctors and Sahlgrenska Hospital in Gothenburg Universodad. Two women exceed thirty years who received their mothers’ wombs. Two pioneering operations where it was clear two complex situations.

The first case was due to the removal of the uterus after a harsh treatment against cervical cancer. The second of the women received the operation because he was born without a uterus. Doctors said the transplant was a success and both are in good condition.

Mats Brännström, who led the team in operations, says it is the result of years of research. Since 1999, at which time it began Brännström studies, the scientific community has been involved in the possibility of transplanting the womb of a mother to a daughter.

Still, the transplant, which was included in the operation to more than 10 surgeons, will not be labeled a complete success until women can conceive, as indicated by the doctors: “at the time that the operation can result in children speak of success, this is the big test.

Before transplantation, both women underwent fertilization “in vitro” and became frozen embryos. A year of waiting they will have to pass before the embryos were implanted and begin the last phase in the attempt to get pregnant.

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