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Posted by on Oct 15, 2012 in Software |

This is the first official announcement of Windows 8

This is the first official announcement of Windows 8

is right around the corner, and facing its launch on Friday 26 October has begun issuing the first TV ads. Windows 8 is a radical leap over all we had so far and had better pray the Redmond explain how it is used, how and why it is the best we have done in many years and may form queues users who do not know how to handle the new operating system version.

For the first have done much emphasis on the famous concept of “No compromise” Windows 8. No commitments, either on a laptop with a physical keyboard, a touchscreen tablet, a convertible would be a mixture of both or even a desktop computer with large touchscreen, Windows 8 comes to all. Perhaps most interesting is that it moves away from the “Apple aesthetic” that so many other companies have not hesitated to imitate and offers a unique style, especially cooler and more interesting. Not bad for a start, remember the other ads leaked a few days ago and hopefully that continue to come up to scratch.

Engadget will be covering in depth all the launch of Windows 8, with special with all the news, tutorials and ways to use the new system Countdown!

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