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Posted by on Jul 27, 2012 in SmartPhones, Software |

This would be the new BlackBerry BBM available in 10

This would be the new BlackBerry BBM available in 10

One of the features that was able, from birth to monopolize much of you is, without doubt, the BlackBerry Messenger. This system can send messages over the Internet to people who also have available completely free of charge created a small revolution at the time. For the launch of , the highly-anticipated operating system version of RIM , the company will give a big facelift .

Although the new operating system will not come until next year it was announced a few weeks ago and leaked photos showing what it would be the final version of RIM’s messaging system. From N4BB we get a series of images showing everything we need to know.

While the GUI changed dramatically, but not that great and keeps the foundation we already know. The detail is striking, is that we realize the onscreen keyboard for users with touchscreen devices (likely the company will introduce in the near future). For phones with physical keyboard also see that you add a series of buttons that, for now, we do not know what will. Finally, a series of touch commands that exist today either.

It is clear that the importance of fell markedly in recent times by the arrival of very famous as WhatsApp applications, Ping! and several others that do exactly the same. RIM has to pay attention and also if you ask me, opening the platform to compete. Otherwise, it is impossible to beat, for example WhatsApp, which works on most smartphones to midrange and high spinning.

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