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Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Mobile |

Thoroughly Cinemagram

Thoroughly Cinemagram

Internet brings constant innovations in the world of applications. One of the greatest feelings in the world is iOS Cinemagram an application, riding the wave of excitement from Instagram, has a different approach to the way we take pictures on your iPhone. We can say that is an application to create GIFs, but it’s much more than that. Just as Instagram is more than an application to take pictures.

We will conduct a thorough analysis of Cinemagram, plus give you some tips on how to create your first clip-warning: can be tricky. These GIFs can be really fun especially to share with friends. But first we review everything you need to know before starting to make our first animation.

The interface

Going beyond the name, it is impossible not to notice the similarities of with Instagram. The interface is one of them. So if we are users of this app Instagram not bring us too many problems. Now, the application is handled with a top bar and a bottom bar, while we find the content in the center. On the top bar have upgrade options and search, nothing complicated.

The bottom bar is the center, where we can access all that gives us Cinemagram. How could it be otherwise, the center button serves to capture our images / video to create animated GIF. Then we have the option of following the creations of our friends (unlike Instagram, with Cinemagram only have to synchronize an existing Twitter or Facebook without having to create ourselves a user), see the most popular images of the moment, check out our latest activity , and view our profile.

As there are not many reviews because the interface is clean and easy to use. In the middle we have all the content created by others and by us, and is very simple to connect other services such as Facebook and Tumblr. The fact that syncs with social networks in which previously had a presence is also quite useful, as it allows us to save us having to follow new people if they do not want. This means that when we first got to Cinemagram already have things to do and see.

The filters

When done creating our first Cinemagram (we’ll get to that shortly) have the option to color the picture. Is the typical fashion of the filters which opened with apps like Hipstamatic and Instagram. We have a wide variety of options from which to choose, although many users decide to leave without coloring material may be lost because details (these filters do not work as well as Instagram).

Create the first Cinemagram

Let’s admit it: create one of these images is not easy. After hours of playing with the application still can not completely dominate. For example, the first idea was to animate a hand, showing only the fingers move. Not a very good initiative: not only the fingers move, but also the whole hand. And if we fixed one of the sections of the image, we see things that appear and disappear from the screen. In short, our first foray into Cinemagram was disastrous.

But the interesting thing is that it was so easy to do that we are not discouraged. In fact, it is a challenge to get it right once and for all and have something interesting to show. Those Cinemagram should know that it is not easy because we have, in the same way that Instagram though much appreciated here, the possibility of retracing our steps to re-edit.

Here are the steps to follow to create an animated image in Cinemagram:

  • Click the Capture button in the center of the screen.
  • Hold shoot button. The video can not last more than a few seconds.
  • After filming the video we can select which part you want to use. For this Cinemagram has a video editor that lets you select the plans.

Thoroughly Cinemagram image 2

  • Now it’s time to apply the mask. For those accustomed to editing images using Photoshop or will not be a foreign term. The tricky thing here is that we have to create a mask with your fingers, carefully selecting which sections want them to be animated.

Thoroughly Cinemagram image 3

  • Finally, it is time to apply the filters. In the lower panel we see all our options and when selected, we can see a preview image.

Thoroughly Cinemagram image 4

  • Before creating our Cinemagram, we can see the result after applying the mask. If we do not like or animation has been sloppy, we can go back and make the necessary changes.

Surely not the first time out, but our verdict so far is that this is a very funny that combines all the benefits of Instagram with the “liveliness” to apply to GIFs.

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