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Three tips to improve the usability of Google Chrome

Three tips to improve the usability of Google Chrome

If Google is your chosen browser, it is probably one of the applications that you use throughout the day, but the most. A center where you can enjoy the web and all that it offers, working, or simply consuming content for pure entertainment, there are some simple ways to improve the usability of it and because of our productuvidad step increase or decrease the times took to complete certain tasks.

I wanted to gather together three different tips that will help with that goal, and you will enjoy even more, if possible, the great browser that is Google Chrome .

Content Synchronization

Is your personal computer the only device that you use Google Chrome? Statistics say that surely have responded negatively to the question. The reason, the increased use of mobile devices and Android, where the browser has been available for months, and other computer-or primary-side like our job, or the laptop we use when we are away from home .

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That is a very good idea to synchronize the contents, helping to avoid having to collect our favorite links in bookmarks, or even used pages. Google knows that the present and future of computing has great presence in the cloud, and it synchronizes cited items such as bookmarks, extensions, apps, and even browsing history, passwords and open tabs, all in order that we return to the last session we work with or for us to access it from our Android phone.

In addition, such is totally safe, and we can choose to apply extra security, a very good idea since the browser safely consume our personao critical data on our work.

How is synchronized? Then just go to Options and set the first one. Simply select a Google account, type your password and choose the items you want to keep synchronized. When accessing the browser from a new browser, all our extensions will be downloaded automatically and we will be accessing the same session: Elements of forms, passwords, and everything we want will be available to us.

Default zoom level

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A higher resolution screen allows us to enjoy the highest quality content, and is useful when working with graphic content, we want to enjoy multimedia or ultimately see anything more clear. The disadvantage may be, however, that if we use the default settings can switch to display things in a smaller size suitable to avoid eyestrain.

For example, today it is common to use low-power computers as media center, connected directly to a TV Full HD 1080 pixel resolution on high and 1920 wide. This can cause when we are out of applications like XBMC Media Center or-perhaps for system maintenance, have difficulty visualizing the system. For this it is common to use some external application or change the DPI in Windows itself, aunuqe Google Chrome ignore that feature.

To fix it, and how it can be very likely that we use the browser to download new content or even to navigate on computers we are using a screen resolution considerably, we can use the zoom feature built-in browser. If we have already tried and bothers us change the zoom for each page we need it, there is a little trick to use the zoom level you want, by default.

To do this, just go to Options and once there show advanced settings. Then, simply scroll down to the section of web content and leave the default zoom level you want. If you are using a screen 1080, simply use a level of 125% to 150%, though of course you should use the one that best suits you.

Using user profiles

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It has been one of the most applauded options of Google Chrome since his landing a few years ago, and also one in which Google has been more active with the first annotated timing. allow us to share the browser in which we work with others, and although this is not usual, we can get them out pretty party.

User profiles can help us to improve the usability creating different profiles themselves, used by ourselves, and they vary depending on the use we give the browser. For example, we can create a profile focused at work, in which we include all the tools associated with it and have a predefined pages or different configurations. Moreover, we have a profile or session we use for leisure, achieving several things:

  • Total abstraction of the different uses
  • Using different elements
  • Saving passwords and data in the session only want

We will not have to share, for example, elements such as history or form data, which again can be ideal combining this option with different email accounts and personal work, etc.-or even the first tip that we talked about: Synchronizing items through our Google account.

How is it used? Basically, going into the Settings screen and users looking section. By default we have one, the default user, and from this we can create as many as you want, assigning a user icon and configuring the import of bookmarks or options depending on personal preferences.

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