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Posted by on Nov 8, 2012 in Video Games |

Throttle Green turns your Android phone into a game console

Throttle Green turns your Android phone into a game console

In Green Throttle been proposed that having an smartphone can share skills and have the phone console. This presented some controls that are paired with an Android phone and let us enjoy video games company.

For many graphic capabilities we have, when we played on a smartphone just always shutting us in our world and that is the opposite of what you can do on a regular console. Who has not spent endless afternoons playing with friends in your living room? For what they intend to do from Green Throttle is remove the console of that equation. This presented some drivers that connect to the phone. Then connect your smartphone to your TV and go.

Green Throttle is founded by Charles Huang, who worked on Guitar Hero and Crowmley Matt, who has worked at Palm and his idea is that you take as a game console in your pocket, why buy another? Currently Green Throttle release a Bluetooth controller called Atlas, an app and a SDK. The Atlas is the first driver Bluetooth driver works for Android that has a precision worthy of a console. It has 2 joysticks (looks much like the Xbox 360 ) and runs on Android smartphones and tablets.

Moreover Throttle Green Arena expects his app is the link between the games developed by them and they can do other developers. In addition, the SDK will allow other developers to bring their games controllers and thus can increase the supply of available games.

Since the SDK is now available for download and you can buy packs of hardware (controllers) to developers. In a future version will be launched to consumers at a price yet to be determined. In the video you can see a little better how the system works.

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