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Posted by on Jul 27, 2012 in Hardware, News, Technology |

Thunderbolt will double its speed in 2014

Thunderbolt will double its speed in 2014

If today we knew the new specifications of USB 3.0 portable burden to bring its direct competition not to be left behind and just announced the news that we bring the connection to take place shortly. In short, Thunderbolt double the speed of file transfer by 2014.

And all thanks to the update from the current “Cactus Ridge” to the new “Falcon Ridge”. Thus, it would go from the current 10 Gbps bidirectional channel some more than impressive 20Gbps speed would be achieved by the new controller. Course, will have to wait until 2014, since for the next year, but Intel plans to include in the recently introduced new equipment controller “Redwood Ridge”, it will maintain current rates of data transfer, not expected to next year incorporating any sales team contoladora some other more powerful than today.

Thus, although we will continue throughout 2013 with a maximum of 10 Gbps, at least we can benefit from the fact that the controller serial Redwood Ridge include support for DisplayPort 1.2. Of course, it is not yet entirely clear is whether Intel will continue to use copper wire for 2014, since it is likely that the bandwidth will be “small” in order to transmit data 20Gps. Therefore, you are speculating and with an update at the earliest optical media for the next year.

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