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Posted by on Sep 7, 2012 in Freedom of expression, Internet |

Tim Berners-Lee accuses UK of wanting to implement a draconian law spying

Tim Berners-Lee accuses UK of wanting to implement a draconian law spying

If yesterday was Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, who raised his voice against the bill up in the UK, today is the father of the World Wide Web which has decided to join the review. Tim Berners -Lee speaks openly about a law that would allow the monitoring and surveillance of citizens on the network. A regulation with which the British government invade privacy by monitoring Internet.

Berners-Lee warned of plans in place, a plan to control the use of the network of citizens. A bill which providers must store data for twelve months and records detailing to the authorities (if required) the same. A proposal from the government justified by the need to combat organized crime and terrorism.

According to Berners-Lee:

Britain, like the United States, are conducting a series of bills that would give a very strong government, for example, the collection of network data.

If the UK adopts a draconian law that allows the government to block websites or spy on people, reducing the privacy of individuals, UK will collapse and lose its reputation as a defender of freedom in the network.

The appearance of Berners-Lee took place at the launch of the World Wide Web Foundation, a space where the man ended up explaining the possibilities that currently exist to perform a complete disconnect from the network:

It could be today. Countries today are interconnected in different ways, there is a switch and there is therefore a central location off the web. The only way that the network is “disconnect” completely is that every government in the world that would be coordinated to a centralized system.

If this happens, it’s really important that everyone fought to avoid this situation.

Currently the bill is being debated between government and business and technology companies. A regulation promoted by Theresa May would force ISPs to record all phone calls, emails and visits sites in the country.

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