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Posted by on Sep 29, 2012 in Apple |

Tim Cook apologizes for iOS maps 6

Tim Cook apologizes for iOS maps 6

Since the release of the final version of iOS 6 just over a week , there is a topic that has caused more controversy than Apple’s decision have removed the native Google Maps application and having substituted his own Maps application, which simply does not work properly (in most cases) and has brought a huge amount of criticism from users and analysts. Today, Tim Cook issued a public statement on this issue.

The CEO or CEO of Apple apologizes to the entire community of users of mobile devices with for the operation of the application of maps, in fact, even now recommends the use of alternative competition as Bing maps, Nokia and Google, some available from App Store and others like Web Apps.

But we should not confuse, Cook says he is very proud of the development of your own maps and all the benefits that these bring with them, as they can be used to navigate from the vehicle and using voice commands. However, ensure that maps are not 100% finished and apologize for the frustration that can be caused to users, since the idea of Cupertino is always unique and offer products that are simply the best in its field.

Apple never has missed a lot of time to fix errors in your system, so that we can be more confident that the Cupertino headquarters are working hard to improve his new Maps application. What I can criticize is that they have launched a state as “green”, with much room for improvement, and thus supplant years of application development and improvements in its database as for something that is not even finished .

It is also very curious and surprising that recommends (and temporarily) use competitive applications, among which the favorite is definitely Google Maps, but unfortunately this is far from reach App Store , so the only way to use it is installed on the desktop of the iPhone or iPad web application.

Then open letter to the public Tim Cook on iOS Maps 6:

A customer

At Apple, we strive to make unique products that provide the best user experience for our customers. With the launch of the new Maps application last week, we fall short of this commitment. We regret the frustration this has caused to users and we will do everything possible to improve maps.

Maps launched the first version of iOS. As time progressed, we wanted to offer our customers better and better maps including features like turn by turn directions, voice integration, and vector maps Flyover. To achieve this, we had to create a new version of maps from scratch.

There are over 100 million users using Apple’s new maps, and is a number that every day is growing. In just one week, users of iOS with new maps have searched more than 500 million addresses. The more customers use more maps will improve and we appreciate the feedback we have received from them.

While improved maps, you can try downloading alternative maps applications App Store as Bing, MapQuest or Waze, or use Google Maps or Nokia Maps web app as on the Home screen.

Everything we do is aimed at Apple to make our products the best in the world. We know that you expect that from us, and we will work tirelessly until they reach that high standard maps.

Tim Cook
Apple CEO

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