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Posted by on Sep 29, 2012 in Software |

Tim Cook’s apology for Maps

Tim Cook's apology for Maps

The apology that he gave Tim Cook by criticism of Maps has been the talk of the tech world. Some see in his words a sense of defeat, many others, an act of repentance. Some people celebrate it as a failure of and those who regard it as a self-criticism of the high standards of the brand. Make it clear that has not gone unnoticed.

In a letter to customers from Apple, Cook has apologized because the application has not given the expected width. He even asked people to seek alternatives (including his now rival Google Maps) to meet their needs. Indicates that Apple will work to regain the bar for what they expect their users. And is that has been very heavy days, between criticism, parody and derision, for its poor performance compared with its competitors.

At the end of the day, the causes abound. If it was pride or lack of preparation of Apple, the result is the same: Maps will not, not like, does not satisfy. Cook’s reaction is that we must look. In my view, the apology came superfluous. It’s not like the Antennagate, when the performance of the phone-not-pay few dollars was severely compromised by a manufacturing error. That yes, the occasion warranted damage control. Not here.

I say this because if Maps was not working, we would not stop using iOS 6 nor were going to throw the device into the trash. Most was banished to some folder Maps forgotten where we keep the useless (as I, for example, I put that application of the Stock Exchange) and get off another. There are alternatives, like Waze, which could easily take us out of the predicament. In the worst case, as Cook said, we take a shortcut to Google Maps and the matter is forgotten.

The apology comes, I think, because Apple had us used to something and suddenly it does not meet new expectations. I repeat: not that they are at increased risk taking I0s 6 or sale of iPhones. Understand that such gestures are not common in technology companies. Arrive when someone would say, as my Spanish colleagues has bundled-brown. These attitudes you expect (and demand) in situations like the one presented to the Sony Playstation Network or the readjustment of prices of Nintendo with the 3DS. Ask forgiveness for Quality standard that we, not that Maps unusable-is more a brand promise that a corrective reaction.

Probably I will heed Cook. I created a shortcut to to use on my phone. To continue using Waze as always to guide me when I drive. Maps can be the spot that reminds us that Apple is not infallible (and who if so, I wonder), but not enough to demonize me my phone or to downgrade. If anything, it will serve as fuel for those who prefer another operating system and third-party (and I heard, fandroids!). For me, well, I take it with pragmatism: I’ll see if the rematch Maps gives me reason to adopt or not. Meanwhile waves are not made where the sea is calm.

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