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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Web 2.0 |

Timer, stopwatch Google Chrome

Timer, stopwatch Google Chrome

One of the aspects that I like about is that we can complement the functionality of the browser with multiple options and new features thanks to the enormous and varied set of applications and extensions in the Chrome Web Store. Tools for drawing diagrams , work in the field of development or use a dictionary to find the meaning of words or translate text blocks are examples of additional functionality we can add Google browser.

When we talked about productivity , we have a special emphasis on the need to plan our workday, prioritize our tasks and, of course, assign a time slot in our journey. An option to control the timing and therefore see that it’s time to tackle another task or check our inbox may look, from time to time, the clock of our computer or we have on our table but if you really we concentrate and isolate ourselves from our surroundings, it may be beneficial to seek external help.

Timer , for example, can be an interesting support for controlling the times that are dedicated to the tasks and let us know that it is time to move on (because we have a meeting or at a specific time because we should attend a particular case). This application , which certainly works offline, your browser will provide a stopwatch, a countdown and an alarm with which to measure time or notifying a specified time (with the sound of the YouTube video that you indicate).

The application, as often happens with many applications Chrome is a launcher that points to the service Timer Tab and, in general, is quite simple both in use and in functionality. In case you have not foreground application tab (which is the most recommended), when the counter reaches its end, we will be notified with a pop-up (using the Chrome desktop notifications).

If looking for a tool to track the time you spend on each task and help plan ahead your day, perhaps Timer can help you out.

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