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Posted by on Dec 7, 2012 in Curiosities, SmartPhones |

Tips and Tricks Keyboard Windows Phone 8

Tips and Tricks Keyboard Windows Phone 8

One of the users favorite Windows Phone , according to Microsoft, is present in these phones keypad., it makes typing with various tricks and tools, such as the suggestion of terms. This feature was created after studying each language, but the phone also considers how to write your own and learn as it is used.

Enter special characters

One of the most basic functions is to find special characters like umlauts or accented letters. As most users know, you just have to hold down to display virtual. But this also works with punctuation, so it is not necessary to access the special keyboard to find some of these symbols. And so with common extensions like. ‘Org’, which are within the key. ‘Com’.

In this regard, we should remember that it is not necessary to ‘enter’ into a new menu, it is possible to drag your finger to the desired character (without lifting) after pressing the shift key and save yourself a step.

Smart Tips

Furthermore, users can add whatever word to intelligent tool tips, so that appears between them in the future. To do so only have to type it, select it, and when it appears accompanied by a + symbol, click on it.

When a word becomes part of this tool will be suggested more frequently, but also easier wording. This is because Microsoft includes a feature that makes the impact area of each key varies automatically as you type, depending on what’s probably going to be down.

For example, if the phone detects that it has written ‘happy b’, considered that it is more likely that the next character is an ‘i’, so it will increase its area and reduce key ‘u’ and ‘o ‘. Thus it will be harder to make mistakes.

How do you do?

Microsoft uses a number of tricks to make writing easier . First, studying the languages available. So, we reviewed 2,500 million English words when it developed the system, but only 600,000 were included due to storage limits.

Tips and Tricks Keyboard Windows Phone 8 image 2 Therefore, users who speak (and use) can download multilingual dictionaries that best suit your writing, because Word Flow has a success rate of 94%, as they say from Redmond.

But getting here has not been enough to know the words, but also has collected data on the frequency of use. This could not have received data from the users (anonymous and never included passwords, numbers or other personal information), but also with the work of more than 20 years Office equipment.

In addition, the company used Twitter and Wikipedia to offer relevant suggestions and corrections. Well managed, for example, that his dictionary know details about Harry Potter or George Clooney.

With this information, the evolution of Type Quick observe just what the user has written to decide which is the best choice you can offer. Specifically, we examine three words out of context (a trigram).

At first it will be more general suggestions, but as you use the phone, it will learn and be able to adapt to the needs and environment of its owner. Thus, facilitating the drafting of between 20 and 30 messages that are written each day on average (ie, more than 7,000 a year) in which, unaided, approximately one in three words contains an error.

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