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Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

Tips for creating a successful hashtag on Twitter

Tips for creating a successful hashtag on Twitter

gives us a possibility that is absent from other social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest. You may not have the same number of users that the network of Mark Zuckerberg but does have one major advantage: I hate to use the word “Viralization” but it’s one that best applies. With Twitter, we can generate a slogan funny and make users participate: we see daily in the Trending Topics of the platform. The hashtags (you know, the words with the # below) are a major event in the social network.

They can also be a great way of promotion or interaction with users. The secret is to create interesting hashtags to make even users who do not follow us participate, or be motivated to use it. Some community managers are even obsessed with achieving this hashtag really be successful, a Trending Topic you have users talk about our brand as we are in the famous list of Twitter. Not always succeed, but they sure try.

I do not think we have to keep in mind finding a Trending Topic when we create a hashtag. In fact, we have to think about is to involve as many people as possible. So we have to use hashtags creatively but measured. This is not constantly use hashtags to mareen our users, or which do not make anything. The hashtag is better than a proposal related to the brand but that does not make users feel that they are “selling” something.’s Best chance is to use hashtags:

  • Events
  • Contests
  • Funny slogans
  • Polls

This does not mean that we are making a recipe for creating a successful hashtag. That depends on the timing. As much as we use all our energies, is completely arbitrary. We do have to have the talent to sniff out the feeling of the community and whether it’s time to introduce some slogan.

Therefore, we can not give a recipe on how to do it. But we can make some recommendations that can be made to work. Remember: the idea is to be successful, but interested users who already have. If we win new users, it will be even better, but it should be our ultimate goal.

  • Fun: the most important thing we have to keep in mind is that if we are going to propose a hashtag, you have to give something to the users. If there is the promise of something, such as a contest or sweepstakes, then it has to be fun. Therefore, the slogan and the hashtag must reflect this fun.
  • Simplicity: neither too long nor too complicated. Let’s try to keep it very simple, with the slogan implied in the hashtag, if necessary, until we can remove the name of the brand’s hashtag to be made available to users who do not follow us. It has to be simple so that users can quickly write and interact without even thinking.
  • Connection: Another aspect is that we have to create a connection with users. Watch for the use of the hashtag to see what users are more involved in this case we can contact them to encourage them further-RT interventions do more creative, and more. You have to be very present and nurture the development of the hashtag.
  • Clarity: the hand of Simplicity is clarity in the hashtag. In the way we deliver. If we ask the user to use a hashtag accompanied by 100 different words in order to participate, you probably are not going to get any interaction. But if we explain well how you have to use, obviously, in a simple-then we will have more chances of having more people tweeting with us.
  • Speed: the first to use the hashtag will be us. Thus, we have to be well above the issue, monitoring how it’s going and how can we make more people participate each time. If the strategy is not working, then we can change it halfway, all to be successful in our community.
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