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Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Mobile |

Tips for keeping your mobile device virus free

Tips for keeping your mobile device virus free

Smart phones and tablets are becoming more popular. Most of these teams, because operating systems like or iOS, allows us to carry in your pocket all the potential of a small computer. For many, these small devices have become the center of your digital life … email, social networking, messaging, games, office, photos, music and even things as delicate as finance, all these-and many more-can control from there with ease.

That popularity and wide range of options, have made increasingly programmers pay more attention to mobile platforms, using any trick to undermine the devices and access our private data. While both Google and Apple have made great efforts to keep their markets free of malware applications, there is always the possibility, and indeed that something happened-in through there, so we must be vigilant.

It is my opinion, a high percentage of the time that a malware reaches any system is caused by you that, either through ignorance or because they have been the victim of a good social engineering trick , finishes installing dangerous applications. It has happened for years in Windows on our computers and Mac OS recently also been affected. In short, and to enter the field, the intention of these guidelines is to give some hints on what to consider when installing applications on our phones to do so safely.

  • The main thing is to install applications directly from the official stores, ie Play Google and Apple App Store, the first for Android users and the second for iOS. Although, as I said, have been affected at some point, are the surest way to get applications. Use alternative app stores, in some cases, is not a good idea, and neither is to download the files. Apk or. IPA from untrusted sources to install manually. Having not been subject to control by the official distribution channels, these applications could have been altered to work differently or install other unwanted applications that could compromise our security and privacy.
  • For the avoidance of doubt it is always helpful to read the comments made by other users about applications. From these reviews we can determine if the application has a problem. My advice here is: if the comments generate more doubts than certainty, better not install.
  • Another important detail is to check the list of permissions requesting application. Each of the applications, when being installed, it requests permissions to access certain features of the device and some of our data. For example: a normal application would be to recommend restaurants nearby to our location we request access to GPS, while a simple dart game that asks us access to our entire address book and the contents of our text messages should arouse suspicions. More than other things, is something that requires simply using common sense, why this application requires this permission?, You really need to authorize it?.
  • Although many people think that it is not necessary, install antivirus applications on mobile devices is a good way to be calm. Many of the most popular antivirus computer already available for mobile platforms, mostly free, high performance. Additionally, many of these applications, offer extra features such as: back-up options, localization devices in case of loss or theft, among other very useful.
  • Finally, once you have an antivirus installed must keep it updated to be prevented at all times against new threats constantly emerging. On the other hand, it is good idea to review it periodically to make sure everything is in order, in fact, almost all security applications have options to program and are made automatically, using this option should only be concerned with review the results of the analysis once completed.

It is worth noting that although I have referred only to iOS and Android, for being the most popular, these recommendations apply to any other mobile platform with similar characteristics. Similarly, these same tips can be easily adapted to desktop operating systems.

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