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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

Tips for ordering our digital library

Tips for ordering our digital library

Do you think that maintaining order in a library with paper books is difficult? They should try to organize a digital library. I think one of the biggest problems is that we think it should be easier-the end of the day, we are eliminating the look “tangible” books, right? Enough space in the rooms, no more having to rearrange all our books because we buy organized alphabetically but increasingly we are messy. But unlike, organize a digital library poses other challenges, of which we may not even realize.

So today we’ll give you some tips to organize our digital library. Personally I have many and I have relatively ordered, but I prefer to use a tool that facilitates the work me. However, there are other ways to do this, depending on the way we store.

As a separate comment, if we are to download many books from Amazon have a challenge. First, I recommend that we remove the DRM-Digital Rights Management-to have complete control over them. Marilín wrote a very comprehensive and practical guide on how to do it. With the extension of browsers can read our full collection of books purchased on Amazon but we can share them with others, and if a day goes by, we have deleted our entire collection.

Download Manager

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We sang praises about ebooks administrators at other times, they are the best way to stay organized. Although we recommend for without doubt the best manager of ebooks available, and over can download for free. It allows us to organize books into collections, edit metadata files, and more.

If we do not like caliber, we have other options, of which at another time we can talk. For example, Adobe Digital Editions or Lucidor.

Properly label your books

When we edit the metadata of the books we refer to label them properly so that they can organize well in Calibre or any other program you select. We have a lot of variables to organize, and therefore, to edit, and the ideal is that all data is complete. How can we do it from Calibre? Select the title you want to modify, and then you click on the option “Edit Metadata”.

Use a web platform as GoodReads

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We have spoken on other occasions on GoodReads , a social network for book lovers. But we also have opportunities anywhere to maintain order in our library. It’s good because we do not depend on our computer, we can access our collection GoodReads from any computer, and, if we get a book missing or in error eliminated, we know that thanks to this base.

What GoodReads allows us to create collections based on genres, authors, themes, whatever we want to use as a variable of organization, and then keep adding more access to books. Although it will have an impact in what is the collection itself-from GoodReads will not we organize books on a Kindle, for example, if it will have an online record.

Download extensions for your browser

Some extensions officiate as electronic-book readers such as Aldiko in Chrome, which is one of the best, but also allow us to organize our library. Here we leave some recommended extensions that can be used to enter the world of ebooks:

  • EPUBReader
  • MagicScroll
  • Aldiko
  • Instant Kobo Reader
  • FB2 Reader
  • Readium

Keep a backup in a folder tidy

Besides all these ways, I think we have to consider making a backup of our books. We teach them how to do it using Dropbox as the storage engine, or how to create an OPDS catalog but we can also do it the old fashioned way and:

  • Create a folder on the computer where you have saved duplicate files, preferably on alternate partition disk
  • Use a flash drive or an external disk to store the books, not to use too much to avoid accidentally deleting or becoming infected with viruses if used in other computers
  • Use another storage platform like Google or Microsoft Skydrive Drive.

There are many ways to organize our library of digital books. The point is that we find a more comfortable stay.

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