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Posted by on Nov 9, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

Tips to take advantage of Twitter in small businesses

Tips to take advantage of Twitter in small businesses

When we speak of our tips for managers social networking profiles, we are generally referring to profiles with a rather large amount of followers. When we have a small business, it is possible that our online presence requires more work. There is also a good chance that we do not have a who is responsible for managing our network and we have to take personally. With all these things can work.

However, we must bear in mind that the strategies that we follow have to be different. Not the same heading to 50 000 to 500 people. If we do the same in the two cases, then we will not have the success we expect. For we face a particular challenge, because you do not have the ability to create ad-Twitter advertising right now is not exactly accessible, and generate a lot of followers can be complicated.

So we’ve put together a list of some tips for Twitter managers of small businesses. As always, the corresponding clarification: each case social networking profile is completely private. Just because a particular strategy to work for it, does not mean it will work for all. We are the ones who know the product and the community, so we have to be the ones that build the community.

Use the search tool

If you are a small business and also just got a Twitter, it’s likely that our users-and-consumers are not aware of our existence. Therefore, we must pay attention not only to mention that we do with our username, but have enabled a search with our user name to see who is talking about us.

Choose a monitoring tool

It is important that from the outset we select the tool that works best for us. If TweetDeck, thanks to its oiling system notifications if HootSuite, which has a more professional, no matter. The important thing is that we have this in mind our needs-to-set starting and all.

Create goals

Although we do not have to follow them to the letter, you may want to get meet objectives: to have a certain amount of mentions per day, have so many followers, etc.. Of course, we have to be realistic. Or, if you feel that will motivate us more, get the highest goals we can expect. But the important thing is to motivate through objectives, of any type whatsoever.

Connect personally

Although at first we do not have too many indications or interaction with other users, we can do is to connect with every person who mentions our brand even without using our username. Furthermore, we can RT your comments or RT interesting things fans that seem most appropriate. We can connect with people as if we were a user over Twitter.

Prioritize the images and videos

Today, the video content is the highest-paying in social networks. So when selecting what kind of messages we send on our Twitter account, we also have to do: for example, product pictures and videos of our stores, our employees, whatever, but that well reflect a brand image, our business philosophy.

Interesting content

Returning to the side of the content, it is important to bear in mind that, as new users of this platform, we are tempted to do everything. That’s how you end up getting fed users who follow us. So we always have to have a proposal and a different voice, and above all, content that encourages users to follow us and stay with us. So we have to position ourselves somewhere in between, which is not completely relaxed but also not spend anything more to tell things of products.

Learn from other experiences

Try to follow other online advertising media to find out what are the success stories of small businesses, and seeking advice on the Internet. You may not be applied all the examples to your particular case, but you can learn a lot and we can store information for the future, to inspire us to do contests, and more. Not a matter of imitation, but to see what are the things that are working at the moment.

Follow people involved in your brand

Many tools help us to know if people who are on Twitter may be appropriate to follow. So, for instance, that if we have a local fries we will want to follow people who are fanatical about the fries. This is a double-edged tool: we can not follow people back and wait for us to follow, but if we can build a base supporters least loyal users and then set up an account viralizar contest.

Promote your mind in real life

If we have a shop, a place open to the public, or whatever, we can promote our Twitter account in different ways. Until we can put a QR code somewhere in the store so that people can start following us even before leaving the store.

These are just some tips to follow while we are beginning to understand Twitter. If we really are newbies, I recommend spending a good amount of time watching how the platform works, what tools are available, and how we can use them to our benefit. Never forget fun experiment!

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