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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in News |

Today debuts movie rental service on Vimeo

Today debuts movie rental service on Vimeo

Today Vimeo, a video platforms are doing more to differentiate the giant Youtube, introduces its new platform movie rental.

Today we present the platform of Vimeo and do so with a special action. To allow users to try the service made available to the public six films that we are told, have been selected by the same team that forms Vimeo.

The idea is to provide a springboard for work independienes not find distribution in a more commercial and thus provide them with a more global reach. Currently placed at our disposal to six films to choose from. We We Are Legion , Sunny , Beauty Is Embarrassing , Shut Up And Play The Hits , Jeremy Jones’ Further and Sons Of The Clouds . You can see the trailer for each and pay a price that can vary between $4.99 and $9 to enjoy a vacation of 7 days.

To rent any of these movies only need to have an account on Vimeo. The films we will have available for 7 days and we will see in a Apple TV , Android devices, Boxee or any compatible device .

The disadvantages may find that some of these films have geographic limitations. Of the 6 offered only 3 are offered worldwide. It will be perhaps the most serious obstacle as the price, the other workhorse of such services, is marked by the creator, so if a movie seems too expensive at least we know it’s because the creator has decided so. We also have to see how the different films are made compatible with the possibility that it may have subtitles or not.

The rest of the service will launch in early 2013 and it seems that may be a very good platform you go find that movie you know who has won awards, everyone praises but never expect to see in a commercial cinema. At least this kind of content will now exit.

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