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Posted by on Dec 4, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

Tools to continue to build on Pinterest

Tools to continue to build on Pinterest

Pinterest can be an elusive tool if we just use it. And even if we average users, power users may find that things mentioned below are “older” – may still be in need of some things that will improve our experience. The same service offers a range of applications and extensions we can use to make the most. But we always want a little more. A few months ago we presented a list Marilin with 7 services that we can not use when we embarked on the adventure Pinterest. Today we will expand this list with 8 more services oriented to both users who are engaging more and more, as social media managers who want to give a twist to a brand.


To work with brands on social networks, we must always consider the possibility of measuring the influence and interaction we have with users. is no stranger to this. At the time we recommend Pinreach, a very interesting tool. Today we’re going to talk about other options, which include Reachli . This analytical tool allows set “campaigns” which are basically pins with the possibility of being measured by Pinerly, and that are created directly from the same service.

Reachli effectiveness was measured each of our pins, how many people were reached with the content, basic statistics such as clicks, likes, Repins, and appearances in search results, and content suggestions to keep our users interested. We recommend this tool for a hobby to keep track of everything, but because they know what is working best among our users helps us to generate a content that will motivate them to share and establish a relationship with the brand. For this, we must be aware of the numbers.


Another analytical tool we have to mention is the powerful Pinfluencer , that if we have the budget to buy, you can become our best friend. Importantly, to our customers that the data analysis tools are essential in order to have a better content generation and better contact with our users. Best be our posts, the better the response from customers, will mark best image. It may be difficult to understand at first, and we arrive at the numbers you want, but if we put all work will close.

Returning Pinfluencer, with this tool we can make a pan of all things that are happening in our mind: what are the most successful content, which users are more influential in our network, which of our boards have a higher engagement and more . But one of the highlights is the ability to run contests on Pinterest supplemented with the Facebook platform for more participants. This is something that is not seen very often in Pinterest, promotions have not yet been fully explored, so it’s a good idea to experiment. Taste of pioneering not take away from anyone.


Speaking of content generation, social media managers and community managers can find inspiration in many places. For example, there are tools designed especially to cure Pinterest contents of which we can not speak in a list like this. With Repinly , we can have a clearer view of what the trends in the network, at least to know which way they have to target our posts. Just because we trust that a content will be successful, does not mean we can not be validated also by statistics. It’s a good way to pass a content plan with our customers.

Repinly allows us to investigate a little more about the habits and the most popular content biggest Pinterest users to discover what kind of content would be published so do we. It is not for us to follow to the letter, but be aware of the fashions can always be useful, even to make fun of it if we have it enabled. As always, depends on the type of account you’re driving, but you can get inspiration anywhere.


We remarked on several occasions that Pinterest is a very visual network. The text is not appreciated, but the images and photographs are the most important thing we can have. So we have to have a tool that allows us to discover what the best photographs to consider. One of these tools that help cure this type of content is SpinPicks , which has a very simple operation and fast and we uncover interesting and unique things.

What it does is scan from a catalog of Creative Commons licensed photos uploaded to Flickr-less budget we have to use in-pictures, and other sites, where we will always be able to find a new picture. The service is a little slow because it is still in beta, but is ideal for save legal problems if we can not share photos with Copyright.


You may have one of the most dreadful names we can find on the net, but Snapito! is a tool to try and fall in love. Basically, we always have what we need when working with Pinterest: the ability to take a screenshot, and take it directly as a pin to Pinterest. It is also very useful because it does not need any extensions installed. Simply we enter the Snapito site, write the address of the website you want to capture, and the service does the rest.


From the creators who Snapito!, Pinstamatic -seem to have an obsession with these names, is a comprehensive tool that allows us to manage the network in a comprehensive way. While Twitter and Facebook have many customers to enhance the experience with nothing more Pinterest find applications to use but always staying within the same site. With Pinstamatic can create boards very quickly, without any prior knowledge.

We can convert text or dating attractive images, share music that you can hear directly from our board, and even add a map for our users know, for example, where the headquarters of the company or shops. This can be very useful because remember that Pinterest is a great way to create product catalogs , among other things, due to its undeniable visual nature. Pinstamatic is a free tool constantly improving, so now is the right time to try it.


We return then to the creation of content Curalate , a sort of Titan in order to create content. Curalate team gives us our work through special algorithms that prioritize the images you find on the web, among other things. His analytical tool is also based on images which makes it even more interesting to buy.


We close this list with Percolate , which also helps us to create content, but based on the needs of users and the content they are used to seeing more and more consumed. Basically it saves us having to do an analysis of the behavior of our users and gives us the guidelines we need to create the post we need.

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