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Posted by on Oct 15, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

Tools to create an attractive online portfolio

Tools to create an attractive online portfolio

The design and code need not go hand in hand. Sometimes the aesthetic needs of the users do not correspond with their knowledge of a particular topic. For example, artists, photographers, painters, illustrators, and the list goes on, can have an amazing material but have no way to make it known because they have a very good idea how to do. So today we’ll go over some services that allow us to create attractive online portfolios.

Some of these tools are more complete than others, and also added some payment options for what you want to have a more professional look. Many of these sites also have options to build a community and also find job offers according to the area where we are. In addition to building our portfolio, we’ll get more.

  • Iconify: with the slogan that not only can we have a portfolio, but also can be iconic, arises Iconify . For now, only accessible through an invitation, but also has mobile applications to complete the experience. With a minimalist design, this platform allows us to generate our own portfolios to give our work a leading role, in addition to combining social features that viralice, and an interesting suite of metrics to know who is visiting our site.
  • Behance: with Behance also have access to a creative community in the world, bringing together photographers, designers, illustrators and more. Creating our profile we can upload our work, and contact with others. Share and Discover are the two main slogans of this site. The features are very interesting to explore, but the key is that other people can see our work without necessarily having to do actions to make that happen.
  • Carbonmade: with an aesthetic that is closer to the cartoon, Carbonmade is a more relaxed option to create our online portfolio. No prior knowledge of HTML, and has a very simple interface that allows us to quickly upload our work to the site. It is an ideal choice for illustrators and artists who want to publicize their work. And it is completely free, with a significant number of features to make the most.
  • DeviantArt: This is one of the oldest communities of artists that exist on the web, even before Behance is positioned as one of their core competencies. It caters to artists with a profile with fewer customization options. But as Behance, we have access to our of the artist community can also leave us feedback on our work. Although eventually build a site, or we move to other networks of artists, a profile on DeviantArt is essential.
  • Dribbble: finally, Dribbble is a platform created specifically for designers, with a growing user community, which pursues the same logic as Behance and DeviantArt. But also one of its most interesting features is that it has a billboard of jobs-but are quite limited geographically, you can find freelance opportunities. In fact, Dribbble is rather a community for to share job opportunities and other users who may be recruiters from companies and agencies to find the person you’re looking for. But also in the middle we can create a portfolio attractive without making a significant investment.
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