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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

Tools to monitor our online reputation

Tools to monitor our online reputation

The online reputation is something that not only seek to maintain good users, but also brands. We always have to be on top of the image that has our brand, whether corporate or personal, in social networks and the Internet, and fortunately we have several ways and tools to do so. The Community Manager is usually over social networks and comments throughout the day, so all in all understand the feeling of a community. On the other hand, the “feeling” can be a pretty holistic concept that can be measured in some way by some practical tools . But is much wider and we have to contemplate specific tools to do so.

Monitoring our online reputation can also give us a certain guidelines for how we can move forward with a particular strategy or decide to completely remove a line of communication that is not working. Being over our networks all day, you might get to be too comprehensive idea of what our online presence and we can not have anything concrete to present to our customers. So come on stage the reputation monitoring tools, some of which are free and very powerful to have our picture under control. We reviewed the 5 tools that seem ideal for this job.

Google Me on the Web

Since the birth of Google, the average user has become a habit that can be fun for some and for others it can be obsessive and narcissistic. Of course, we’re talking about googling our own name. I had to spend much time until the search giant to realize these actions and invented a tool that, surprisingly, is not known for all users. This is a feature called me on the Web, which can be accessed via the dashboard or dashboard of our profile.

When you’re logged in with Google, we have very advanced options that allow us to have an end monitoring what is happening with our name. First, we can set up alerts for when new information indexed to be related to the name we have, this, clearly, is a more ideal for individual users. But also, we have some advanced options that lean more marketing side.

These options are two: one allows us to manage our online identity, while the other allows us to remove unwanted content from our searches. To manage, Google gives us four key recommendations: search your name, muster a profile on Google, which obviously we have, otherwise we would not be in this Dashboard, remove inappropriate content of the queries related to us, see the section then and receive notifications or alerts about new information indexed. To remove the information you do not want to appear online, we have two options: our own site, or even third-party sites that may be publishing unwanted information.

It is definitely an excellent choice for users who are obsessed with knowing who they are talking about.

Who’s Talking

In regard to social networks, we must also have a tool that serves to have control over our reputation, but we can not do anything if we are facing a crisis in Social Media . The beauty of Who’s Talking is we have to create an account in particular, but simply we enter a name for what they are saying about our brand users of certain social networks.

It’s a quick way to get a glimpse of what is our reputation, our users what they are saying, and how we can use these comments to our benefit. Although we think that with a Google search easily solve this, the benefit of Who’s Talking is that it has a powerful search engine dedicated solely and exclusively to social networks.

In addition, one of the main advantages is that it is a free service. While we can not do much with this, it is an ideal tool for people who are stuck in the daily life of the community of social networking channels but for some reason need to know what state is the reputation of the brand. It can also be a good companion when doing competitive analysis, if we do not have a dedicated tool for this.


Radian6 is one of the payment monitoring tools for social networks most highly regarded in the industry. At the time we called the “Holy Grail” of CRM social networking, because in addition to allow us to manage our accounts, download reports and basically do almost all our work, also lets us know in what state is our reputation. It is an investment to get it, but once we list its benefits should not be difficult to convince a customer to have it.

With Radian6 can set keywords for a constant monitoring of the conversations that are happening on social networks, so it is essential to get an idea of our reputation as well as being a useful tool to generate content and avoid crisis PR channels officers .

Not only allows us to monitor social networks, but also have the option to take a look, depending on the keyword, articles in major media around the world, influential blogs, websites, video and images, and more. Radian6 is the idea that we are always aware of what is being said to us, which is precisely one basis to maintain a well-oiled online reputation.


In this sense, TwelveFold is also a powerful tool to identify and interact with what we call opinion leaders, end users influence the opinions and decisions of others. It is important to keep in close contact with these users-be celebrities, athletes, or just people with many followers, for instance-because basic catalysts can be a crisis, on the one hand, and because we can provide an idea of what is the general feeling of our brand.

In addition, the PR side, we have the possibility to do a tracking of what are the most important issues for bloggers and journalists around the world, being able to make contact with those who consider relevant to our brand. It is a good tool to understand what the perception that users generally have our brand.


We close this list with the name service with more obvious of all: if we enter we find a fairly complete suite to measure our reputation online. This service allows us to see how “we look” in our personality online, and is available both for individuals and for-brands have packages for both individuals and businesses, we will concentrate on the business side.

Reputation not only allows us to monitor but also lets us solve any problems you have with Google, eliminating the negative comments on the network, even in forums. The fact that a practice can be considered transparent. I would not recommend it: if we are doing things right, the negative should not be happening. But it is an option that works well, and should be on this list.

For those obsessed, Reputation has an alert system that lets us know when we are talking about, besides having a complete dashboard with all our data online. The only bad thing is that it has support for social networking, which today is completely essential to decide whether the balance inclined on a particular supplier.

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