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Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in Social Networks, Web 2.0 |

Tools to plan an event tweets

Tools to plan an event tweets

One of the best uses we can make of Twitter in an event is to use it as a backchannel, so we can hear everything you are discussing not only the audience but also people who are not physically there but following it from other places. This dimension of the event is something that nobody wants to miss and a practice that often works well is to have one or more screens that collect real-time permanently all tweets with a certain hashtag or user.

We’ve all been at a conference to see that some are looking at his and commenting on what is said there, while moderate speakers or who have no access to your devices and will lose much of what the public opinion of his talk. This disconnect between speakers and attendees makes the panel comes away from reality and begin to be more interesting what is said at the table outside. However, it is easily solved by a screen showing Twitter strategically located all present and connect with public speakers and remote audience.

For that we need to have on hand a tool to deploy this permanent waterfall tweets, and if possible, several to test and choose the one that suits us, or have multiple configured if a service is not available or give problems the day of the event. Some of which there are:


A Belgian team two years ago launched one of the most convenient tools and used to display screens Twitter at events: Tweetwallpro . Of those with free version, which is more likely to set the content offered and the results are pretty good, because they get a display which is easy to follow the conversation and eye-catching. It gives us the ability to choose an animation in which the tweets are displayed one at a time or as a cascade. We can set the content using a hashtag or through a list, making one for people whose tweets we show, avoiding having to ask them to add the hashtag. There is also the possibility of automatic and manual restraint in vivo. The payment service but has a free version with ads for 24 TweetWallPro every 5-10 minutes.

Another tweet on the wall

Another tweet on the wall is one of the simplest to set up because it simply requires us to start a hashtag view, although it is one that has fewer options. It can follow a conversation in its entirety but its design and animations are stunning and very attractive, with a good display of colors, avatars and tweets in full screen.


A payment option that allows visualization brandear your taste is proposing Tweetthing . The customization includes the ability to add logos and graphics in the header, sidebar and background. You can also select the color of the text and links. In terms of content, we can set up a search for words, phrases or hashtags and / or location. Allows moderation which includes the option to ban certain words. At the end of the event or after a time you generate a PDF report of the active sections.

This service is designed specifically for people who need to follow a hashtag for an event. We can customize the background with the image you choose, giving you a URL for that image. It’s not much but it is an option configurable quick launch.


Display Tweets in a kind of board that moves and where each tweet invades the screen for a moment, making it not very easy to follow the conversation, but it can be a good resource for or environments where people move, because visually striking.

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