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Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Windows |

Tools to save time in our PC

Tools to save time in our PC

We return to a topic we love, productivity. Although lately we are dedicated to productivity applications for Mac and iPad , and even we review Teambox , a very comprehensive tool for collaborative work, there are other methods to save time from our PC. Today we will review some of these tools according to some categories we’ve created.

In “Automation Tools”, see what tools we can download to our PC to save us the trouble of doing some tasks that are boring but they have to be. For example, cleaning records, documents, antivirus scans, and more. In “Productivity Tools”, review some applications to increase our productivity when it comes to mail extensions, task lists, reminders, collaborative work, etc.. In “Tricks to save time”, we will be seeing some native Windows tools to make using the PC. Finally, we discuss some of the tools that we have discussed repeatedly, but as we do not want to tire, just a snapshot will surface.

Automation tools

When using a PC or work we have to do some work that we consume precious time. Not to exaggerate, but to wait for the computer to catch or off’re wasting minutes. With these tools we will discuss now, we can save these minutes.

  • Actions: This program is a kind of response to Automator in Mac software, and allows us to perform tasks in batch to save time. It has a very clear interface and simple to use, so we will not have to walk no programming, and, among other things, allows us to rename files, rotate photos, and edit images. Via Lifehacker
  • WinTask : it is a tool that allows us to complete payment forms, generate reports, perform file downloads and FTP transfers, data extraction, test websites, and more. It has the “inconvenience” to be paid for, but if you have the budget, we have the opportunity to try it for 15 days for free.
  • TimeComX : This is an automation tool that allows us to program start times, restart and shutdown, according to times of day, or through a countdown, and even reset when our processor or network activity coming to an instance pre -scheduled restart. Best of all, it’s a completely free tool.
  • Switch Off : TimeComX like, and with the advantage of being a free tool, this utility sum, in addition to light and restart the computer, disconnect the internet connection, automatically lock your computer, and run custom scripts for certain tasks. These tasks can be scheduled for specific times of the day or week. Another advantage is that we can control all these tasks remotely from another computer using a web interface with username and password.
  • Dr. Batcher: This utility lets you create and edit batch files or batch files, which in turn are used to automate other operations. This is for more advanced users, since it requires other knowledge. But if we do, we save time on tasks that need. We can create backups, cleaning folders and records, and more. Via PC World

Productivity Tools

We talked at length about many productivity tools, so in this section we want to offer something new. These are very simple utilities, dedicated to a task, which saves us time in the small, everyday things such as writing the same text over and over again. Of course, we can not include a task manager.

  • TyperTask : with this tool we can use a script to insert frequently used phrases into any document. We just have to enter a command that will be replaced by the word or phrase of your choice. It is ideal for people who spend time answering the same emails every day, with the same information.
  • HotKeyMan : this tool can program shortcuts or hotkeys for tasks such as maximizing windows, open certain documents, open bookmarks and launch programs. Until hotkeys can be programmed to do specific screenshots.
  • CopyDream : is a very basic utility that will save us some time. The simplicity is the key. What it does is allow us to create a base of 10 predefined short texts and two images that can be copied to our clipboard for use later. In the same way that TyperTask, saves us having to write the same thing, with the difference of not having to use special commands but copy/paste. It is also a free tool.
  • Astrid : Eduardo recommended this tool to talk about how to set up a mobile office . It is a task manager like Wunderlist, with a very nice interface that allows us to organize our work as well as having the ability to create collaborative projects. It also has applications for Android and iOS to provide a well-rounded experience, and we can connect using our Facebook or Twitter account.

Tips to save time

We now turn to the part of this guide that takes us right to the issues specific to Windows. Usually, almost without us noticing, we are working more and more to slow down our system through unnecessary software, startup, and other issues. So, it never hurts to follow some precautionary steps.

  • Disk Defragmentation: With the passage of time, store files spread increasingly hard drive, causing it to take longer to access them. Windows offers a tool to do this, located in the Accessories menu, you can quickly handle the job and make our computer run lighter.
  • Get rid of bloatware: Many PCs come with pre-installed software that serves no purpose except to get a good deal from major software developers and manufacturers. To save this bad time should take all these programs and fly them into oblivion. A few months ago we published a guide on how to do it .
  • Limit startup applications: on this also have a guide , but to have an idea, many applications just started automatically start Windows, some default, others because we have installed. We have to keep this under control, so that the computer does not take too long to be completely operational.

The Usual Suspects

As they had advanced, here enumerate some applications that we have already spoken and not worth returning to describe because they are very familiar.

  • Evernote: the classic elephant notebook allows us record our ideas and save some time instead of having to have multiple files on different computers.
  • Wunderlist: a true productivity suite to create tasks, projects, earrings and more. It is also completely free.
  • Dropbox: at this point, does not need an introduction, but we can save good minutes sharing files among different people, in the cloud.
  • Blue Butler : automation tool for Mac allows, for example, turn on the computer when we approach our iPad or iPhone, and run specific applications.

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