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Posted by on Dec 25, 2012 in Windows |

Top 10 of 2012 applications for Windows 8

Top 10 of 2012 applications for Windows 8

That is a product of the year does not deny anyone. The marketing campaign appears to have paid off and there are several million copies have been sold so far, but 2013 will be the year where we will see if the new system is set to Microsoft Windows 7. Personally I’ve been enjoying for a few weeks before its release, and I’m very happy.

Putting us in more detail, and contrary to what people think, Windows 8 is not just a handful of new features, but a remodeling of old well known parties and a new proposal, with features aimed at both desktop use as tablets and other mobile devices. And among them are the applications, of which I have selected those that I think are the 10 best applications of 2012 for Windows 8.


We started with an app that should not be missing in any Windows 8-and if I apuráis not in earlier versions, with the desktop application. SkyDrive is today one of the best products of Microsoft, and it shows. Its integration with the new version of Windows makes use storage service in the cloud of the house is a delight, and makes things very hard for its big competitor: Dropbox.


Metro does not have a native file manager, but that does not matter because MetroCommander is certainly much better than it would be. Ideal for basic operations without leaving the new interface of Microsoft, MetroCommander is one of the most popular applications on the Windows Store, and recommended an idea for those that usually copy content between different units.


The best way to use the pomodoro technique in Windows 8. Of all the applications available on the new operating system from Microsoft, is TaskTomato convinces me the most because of its simplicity and good performance. Intervals of 25 minutes of work with 5 break that will make our productivity will shoot up to incredible heights. A must to start the year off right.


This application will sound because we talked about it recently. Fotor is a perfect app for all lovers of photography and for all those who love to play with Instagram filters. He adds interesting effects and frames to give a personal touch our snapshots. We can use it on any device running Windows 8, but that you use the system via a touch screen will enjoy as dwarves.


I was always a fan of Vimeo, one of the biggest competitors of YouTube. Its interface is simple and simply more attractive, and operation of the player never gave me problems. Its application for Windows 8 conveys the same sense, and allows us to enjoy content on the popular portal without having to open the browser. Who could ask for more?

No, not a blog editor. This is actually a search engine logs explorer hosted under the domain, and a great way to discover new publications and enjoy not only their text items, but photographs and other content. The options added to reblog in our own WordPress blog, if you have it, make the app and platform something you can not miss.

TuneIn Radio

One of the first applications I installed. TuneIn Radio is the online radio service Internet’s best known and has application not only in the new Microsoft system, but also in most operating systems, whether desktop or mobile talk. Enjoy thousands of radio stations and access them via the search-able by language, country, genre, or song-is a delight. Long live digital waves!


I’m a big fan of music and personally choose Spotify-no, still no native app for Windows 8 – such as online streaming service, although SoundCloud is different. A community where anyone can share their creations and that despite being a music hosting service includes many of the features of social networks. The best way to enjoy the service in Windows 8 is a simple and functional that will become one of your favorites.


Microsoft took this popular VoIP program several months ago, and his coming to Windows 8 was something that might not happen. The first version was not fully functional, but today Skype for Windows 8 is one of the best applications to use the service, especially if we use the system from a portable device. The interface is really attractive.

Free Flow

I end with a game. Free Flow is simple, addictive, and assures us hours and hours of fun. Connect pipes forming colors can not be touched, and it filled the entire board. Sounds simple, right? The first levels actually are, but there are a total of 600. Refrain those that you can not easily disconnected because its puzzles will keep you hooked and that procrastination will take over your life.

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