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Top cities for science fiction and fantasy (I)

Top cities for science fiction and fantasy (I)

I have long without traveling and I want to but I lack time and money. If I could visit London, Dublin, Copenhagen, Malta, Chicago, Vancouver … dreaming is free. Some time ago I wrote a post about the planets that I like to visit, if they exist. Now I do something similar but with cities. Places which unfortunately do not exist but I would not mind if there were known.

So here are the first part of this collection, five where you might live a season or a weekend pass. Tomorrow, more and I invite you to comenteis which would be your dream destination.

Astro City, Astro City

Top cities for science fiction and fantasy (I) image 2

From the mind of Kurt Busiek came Astro City , a shining city where superheroes patrol the skies. Originally the name of the place was Romeyn Falls, but after rebuilding the forties was renamed in honor of the superhero Astro-Naut.

Strolling Chesler, Shadow Hill, Fass Gardens Kanewood or you may find superheroes like the Samaritan, The Confessor, Agent or flashy Silver Jack-in-the-Box. If you go into the Shadow Hill neighborhood know that is under the protection of the Hangman. It’s a big city but is fraught with danger, not everyone supports the pressure of living without knowing when the next attack will occur a supervillain. It takes a special kind of person to take root in Astro City. Curiously say that neighborhoods, businesses, places, etc … have been baptized in the name of people or characters related to the world of comics.

But the point of Astro City is not their superheroes, is the city itself and the millions of people who every day get up from the bed, make coffee, take a shower, get dressed and go towards their jobs while in Heaven The Honor Guard faces the Unholy Alliance.

Neopolis – Top 10

Top cities for science fiction and fantasy (I) image 3

Screenplay by Alan Moore and illustrations by Gene Ha and Zander Cannon, this is the best introduction to and the city of Neopolis. A city set up after the Second World War in the United States to be home to all those with superpowers. In Neopolis everyone have superpowers, and why the police are especially cautious and only selected to its ranks the best of the best.

In Neopolis’s robots, gods, mad scientists, heroes and villains, interdimensional travelers … everything and more. A cultural melting pot, art and architecture that seems endless and is constantly changing. The town consists of several levels, some sink into the ground, others go to heaven. In Neopolis can live inside a huge tree floating or in a modern high-rises, the architecture is a strange mix of everything. One day in this city can be stressful, there is much to do and too little time. Ideally visiting Precinct 10 and with a little luck get a picture with Smax.

The Capitol – The Hunger Games

Top cities for science fiction and fantasy (I) image 4

Capital of Panem, is located in the Rocky Mountain area, from there the president leads with an iron hand the thirteen districts. Each year the district taxes are sent to the Capitol to participate in the brutal Hunger Games.

The Capitol is by far the largest city of Panem, its residents – if they are free – are rich people who dedicate their time to leisure and creative activities, the decline is the etiquette. People live well at the expense of the suffering of the people of the districts, to alleviate the boredom of “dolce far niente” invest their energies in creative clothes, hairstyles extrafalarios, radical aesthetic changes such as changing the color of the skin.

New New YorkFuturama

Top cities for science fiction and fantasy (I) image 5

If the future is like in Futurama I want to live in New New York. It would have a room on the apartments for robots, and each morning would happen ahead of Planet Express to chat with Scruffy. Then visit Little Bitaly, instead of the Robot Mafia operations, and perhaps stopped to eat something in Elzar’s Fine Cuisine although prices are prohibitive.

It is the most populous city in the world, it is crowded robots, mutants, aliens and humans. I know it has been destroyed and rebuilt several times, and every so often suffers an alien invasion, and that mutants living in the sewers but who cares? Have Monument Beach, Madison Cube Garden and a transport system formed by transparent tubes.

King’s LandingGame of Thrones

Top cities for science fiction and fantasy (I) image 6

Visit this city and Flea Bottom – the meanest neighborhood – just for the pleasure of throwing shit face King Joffrey. The capital of the Seven Kingdoms is located at the mouth of the River Blackwater, it is the largest city in the West and its port is connected to all other cities. King’s Landing is surrounded by a wall with seven gates, intramurals are wood and stone buildings, streets, squares, scaffolds, people, life. The city smells of humanity, sweat, shit, to sea, to violence. The Red Fort overlooking the city from the highest hill called the Hill of Aegon.

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