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Posted by on Aug 28, 2012 in Internet, Security |

TorrentGuard: the most effective tool against malware in BitTorrent

TorrentGuard: the most effective tool against malware in BitTorrent

The BitTorrent malware not saved, obviously places like because of the high content distributed contains a large number of scams, and maleware fajes between your files. According to the researchers, at least one third of TPB contains content such as fake torrent. Therefore TorrentGuard born, a tool that allows the user to identify such files and where TPB works to optimize and implement.

And is that because of the large number of users per month, bittorrent is a clear target for all sorts of scams, fake torrents are loaded with deceit name famous movies or series. In most occasions and once downloaded the file, users end up being redirected to fraudulent sites or just installing malware.

The Pirate Bay is probably the most proliferate space where these types of activities in BitTorrent. For this reason a group of researchers decided to monitor all content files in a two week period.

The researchers found that a total of 29,330 torrent files, 12,209 were “false” and were eliminated. This means that one in three are fake torrent uploaded either malware or scam of some sort. While moderators and admin of TPB removed continuously removed, the researchers completed indicating that within a year million users end up downloading these fake files.

And here comes TorrentGuard . A system that is able to describe and analyze the phenomenon of fake torrents. A tool that enables the user to check the torrent before downloading. One tool available as a plugin for Vuze but also have it through their website.

And how? By all accounts, the system is able to identify the malicious file that is uploaded by a small group of uploaders. 90% of all fake files were “planted” by only 20 IP addresses. In this way and based on statistics, can prevent about 10 million downloads a year false.

Rubén Cuevas, Juan Carlos III University of Madrid and researcher who has worked on the project, TorrentFreak spoke to the project:

While we know that most experienced users are aware of these risks and are able to identify fake torrents in most cases, a large percentage of BitTorrent users are not qualified and are not able to distinguish between legitimate and fake torrent. We hope our research will be able to do at least a portion of non-technical users are aware of this threat, it may be more careful in selecting the torrent to download.

Along with The Pirate Bay, and PublicBitTorrent OpenBitTorrent have already indicated that they will work with researchers in improving the tool. If so, the most powerful malware detection protocol could predict about 35 million downloads false.

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