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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in PC |

Toshiba Satellite L955D-108, analysis

Toshiba Satellite L955D-108, analysis

The Satellite L955D-108 from Toshiba is one of those laptops that while not excel in any category, are very solid options for the average user, they join more than acceptable performance with a fairly inexpensive price, in this case 599 euros. Yes, although it uses Windows 8, its 15.6-inch screen is not touch, so experience with Modern UI will not be the same.

This, in principle, should not be a problem for users who face the first operating system, but if limited options, particularly in regard to applications optimized discharge.

Anyway, its size makes it ideal for normal use of your target audience: surfing, playing media and office applications.

Moreover, there is no particularly noteworthy aspect of the display, which has a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. This means you can see the points that form without much effort.

Keyboard and trackpad

This computer has a full keyboard (six rows), plus one number. The presence of the latter requires a rather strange layout QWERTY keyboard and trackpad, which are on the left.

However, the keys are large and comfortable response, so after spending a few minutes getting used writing. Moreover, within a few hours of use I got a ratio of words per minute I get slightly higher with the I normally use, which has a much lower size.

Toshiba Satellite L955D-108, analysis image 2

Meanwhile, directional arrows Satellite L955D-108 are much smaller. This should not be a problem, but the placement of two (top and bottom) is incomprehensible: they are so close together that it is almost impossible to press a loosely other.

This makes them virtually useless to play, although it is true that this is not the main use of this laptop. In any case, it is a small stain tarnishes wonderful keyboard.

The trackpad, on the other hand, responds accurately and supports multi-touch gestures. Thus, it is possible to scroll (horizontal and vertical) by dragging two fingers or zoom in zoom in gesture as common on smartphones and tablets.

With these functions you can meet in part the lack of a touch screen (for example, is quite comfortable navigating Modern UI) and with a bit of use is achieved quite quickly and accurately.

Design and sound

Toshiba has quite the aspect of care Satellite L955D-108, which has a “gray brushed aluminum casing with blue” in the words of the company.

Toshiba Satellite L955D-108, analysis image 3

However, this does not coat the whole finished portable, which has several plastic parts on the inside. The space itself is palmrests aluminum (and also quite comfortable), but the keyboard and the screen cover are of a black plastic which is impossible not to leave stains on the fingers.

This is especially noticeable on the screen as it is necessary to tilt the hand support on the plastic parts, which will leave an imprint that would delight any member of the CSI team.

Furthermore, although the speaker grille is fitting in design, it does with respect to manufacturing. This component has a somewhat seedy and moves when squeezed. The power button is located on this piece, but it might have been a better idea to do it in a larger size or a different material, it seems that the speakers would have swallowed.

As for the sound, the two stereo speakers “quality SRS Premium HD” are pretty mediocre, but at least reach a respectable volume. Therefore, next to the screen size, is a decent team to play multimedia content.


Satellite L955D-108 has an AMD A6-4455 2.1GHz with AMD Radeon graphics card HD7500G, 4GB of DDR3 RAM and a hard disk of 640 GB (587 available). This gets a 4.4 in Windows experience, although this indicator highlights only the lowest score (in this case, performance chart). However, the average of the five fields is measured by Microsoft 5.42).

Thus, with an average yield, that is, does not give any problem when performing common actions (eg, writing a text document while running other programs and there are several tabs open in the browser).

Toshiba Satellite L955D-108, analysis image 4

It also has a HD webcam with microphone, 3 USB ports (two 3.0), HDMI and RGB, card slot and DVD burner.

Its weight is light enough for a computer of size about 2.2 kilograms, and the duration of the 4-cell battery is as Toshiba, about 6.5 hours (although in our tests even reached 6 with a moderate use).


The Satellite L955D-108, Toshiba is not the most powerful computer on the market, but is not so. It aims to be a lightweight moderate performance, but affordable.


And the company has achieved just that, a decent team who seek no more. Yes, its size makes it not easily portable, something that does not help your weight (though admittedly is low, remains above the 2 kilos).

Moreover, the lack of touch screen is a drawback for users who want to enjoy Windows 8. Of course, in return offers a keyboard and a huge trackpad quality, making it a good choice for work.

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