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Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in Hardware, Photography, Technology |

Toshiba seeks to bring Lytro camera technology for smartphones and tablets

Toshiba seeks to bring Lytro camera technology for smartphones and tablets

is developing a technology that will refocus photos after they are taken, according to the report from The Asahi Shimbun work a camera like Lytro but are focused on bringing development to devices like and tablets by the end of 2013. The picture is of interest to amateur photographers and using mobile devices as their primary camera.

The new camera module that is developed would be a cube one centimeter on each side that has a set of 500,000 glasses of 0.03 mm in diameter. The sensor that is in front of the lens assembly is 5 x 7 mm, the new Toshiba camera could force manufacturers out of the current standards in the design of mobile devices, but for innovation might consider sacrificing few millimeters thick.

The camera operation is quite curious, what 500.000 each lens captures a slightly different image and the end result will be generated through a software being developed by Toshiba, it will combine each image to give us a picture where each user be redefined approach thereof. The lens technology also have the ability to measure distances in which objects are due to differences between the various images.

The development of this technology is a great success by Toshiba as completely change the manner in which the consumer takes pictures and grow as image sensors are integrated more advanced, unlike Lytro people, they thought into something more accessible. smartphones and tablets that integrate the new camera module during 2014 appear as Toshiba plans to have it ready by the end of 2013.

At the moment there is no sample to see the quality of the photographs, but it’s not like we have to set high expectations, in the end it is a mobile camera. It would be interesting to see Nokia work with this new technology because it is one of the best performing companies in the field of to smartphones, and could be a starting point to regain the lead as number one manufacturer of smartphones worldwide .

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