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Posted by on Nov 6, 2012 in Uncategorized |

ToutApp, statistics, programming and templates for Gmail

ToutApp, statistics, programming and templates for Gmail

We will not be venturing too crazy a statement saying that Gmail is one of the top providers in the world. Yes, it is true that you can be the heels, but for that we have to wait a while. For now, is an excellent choice not only for personal accounts but also to-business accounts through Google Apps for Businesses, for example, with a range of features that allow us to cover all needs. With a recent update that changes the way we write emails, Gmail is becoming a tool of dream, if it was not already. But we can still make some improvements, and if Gmail we can read minds, then we can add those improvements through third-party applications.

Eduardo showed them a few weeks ago some extensions and apps that can be used to really capitalize on our Gmail -Bananatag, KeyRocket, Mail-Timer and other. For contact management, sometimes, and more from the introduction from Google+, you can leave much to be desired, we Rapportive , a tool that we review at the time also. Can we keep squeezing Gmail? Yes, of course, and today we’re going to talk about other than the things we can do: use a brand new application called Tout , and that allows us, among other things, organize contacts, emails responses programs and obtain statistics Opening post, very useful things depending on the line of work we have.

Before we have to do for clarification: is a free application. It has different payment plans for those interested, and as should happen in all applications-payment does not always happen, we can test for a period to decide whether it’s worth. Tout functionalities really make open your wallet not hurt as much, is a very comprehensive tool especially if we use our Gmail to work reasons. These are the most interesting features that have:

  • Statistics emails: if Tout started testing this function is likely to attract more attention. With Tout can get real-time statistics to see if the person you are sending the email opened it, and more importantly, if you clicked on the link enclosed in the mail. It is also important when we want to know how many people in a group opened the mail we send.
  • Templates to increase productivity: it is amazing how many times we sent the same email again and again. “Now I’m taking care”, “it’s done”, and more, are some of the messages that are shipping at least personally. With Tout we can save this by creating templates for all kinds of mail, we can easily access from Gmail to stop wasting time with these mails. But not only have to program text, but we can also add attachments, CC and BCC to certain contacts, and some other customization options.
  • Schedule mailings: I happened to want to reply to a mail and am working to realize that it would be at least obsessive attitude. With Tout have options to schedule the mailing at the time that we think is right.
  • CRM Integration with other services: Tout offers integration with Salesforce, Highrise, and Batchbook CapsuleCRM, their contacts, and more.
  • Collaborative work: we share the templates we created in Tout with other team members to accelerate the work and that everyone can respond to e. Moreover, if we account managers have exclusive access to usage statistics-mail not so happy news for those who are not administrators and enjoy sending mails jokingly.
  • Mobile Applications: Tout is completed applications for smartphones, which is essential.
  • Best Contact Management: with Tout we can see the return post we have had with a particular contact and not dependent on a particular conversation, an organization in order to send e-groups more quickly, and more.

In short, this whole package of features, Tout we guarantee that we will be making the most of our time in Gmail, taking care of more important things while the app takes care of sending our important mails. It also works for Outlook and will soon be for Apple Mail, so you are not leaving out anything. To account.

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