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Posted by on Nov 30, 2012 in Internet |

Transforming Google Drive on a web server and CDN

Transforming Google Drive on a web server and CDN

Storage services in the cloud have become extremely popular among users to safeguard their data, share files with friends or, for example, to keep information synchronized our desktop with our mobile devices. However, with a little creativity, we can [squeeze our Dropbox account] and use this resource to improve the performance of our website and set up a CDN to serve images from there or any heavy content. Another service we have available is Google Drive and Mountain View seem ready to gain ground on its competitors and also give us the opportunity to serve web pages or mount a from our storage space in the cloud.

This week, Google has decided to start pressing the accelerator with Google Drive and open more the range of options around service, something we could do with the integration in Gmail and now complete with the ability to use Google Drive as a hosting space. The idea is simple, taking into account the ability of Google’s infrastructure and the ability to publish folders and files that go up to Google Drive is not unreasonable to use these resources for use in a CDN or directly as a web server.

And how can we harness these resources to mount this hosting so original? The answer to this question is found in the SDK of Google Drive where you will find the steps to take and what we have to do. In short, the process is to create a public folder (visible by everyone) following the instructions given and then get the url base ( ) in that folder for we can use in our HTML.

From there, knowing this parameter, we can create new folders or upload documents that we reference comfortably using the base url you provided Google Drive. Moreover, if we go to the folder files or HTML, for example, an index.html , Google Drive traditional act and using the base URL displays the HTML you’ve uploaded or, failing that, will list directory contents (and is something we can try the example that Google has released).

The appeal, though it is extremely simple to use, it is quite interesting and a good example of how Google Drive Dropbox tries to approach to try to win some ground. From the point of view of the APIs and resources, Google Drive is especially interesting because it is leading a large ecosystem of applications that use it as a base space in which to store our documents or, in the case of Gantter , our project planning . Google Drive to convert a web server or a CDN opens the door for developers to deploy, easily and without resources, servers that do the tests or to show a demo to a customer.

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