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Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 in Education, Internet |

Translation of selected text in Chrome

Translation of selected text in Chrome

In Bitelia have often talked of how important they may become the tools of translation , and of course we have recommended enough. Internet is a network where we can find content in virtually all existing languages, and should just know not.

Most of those we consume content through the web browser, a tool that has evolved and now allows us to consume many formats, including video and data types more or less complex. However, the text-and hypertext-is still king, and the main barrier to receiving the information if it is in another language.

As we need not always translate an entire page because we certainly enough notions of language we are reading today wanted to talk about Translate Selection , a plugin for that allows us to translate only the text you have selected, either a word or sentences. And to do this just select the text and access the context menu, we will select the Translate option selection.

can be an ideal buddy face to complement the tools we use to learn languages , and indeed in its simple options screen lets you add as many as we want the face to have the option to translate to and from them with a simple mouse gesture. An essential extension, I think.

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