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Transparency International: Corruption in the world in 2012

Transparency International: Corruption in the world in 2012

Like every year, Transparency International has launched the network in a list or index of corruption worldwide . A listing conducted by experts to measure perceived levels of in governments, countries and territories around the world. Consider this list is defined as 2012.

The analysis carried out has included in 2012 to 176 countries and territories. The Corruption Perceptions Index ranks countries and territories in terms of how the city is perceived. The score of a country or territory is shown on a scale of 0 to 100, where 0 means that a country is perceived as highly corrupt enclave and 100 as very clean. So go with three lists: top-10 countries “cleaner” of corruption, top-10 most corrupt countries and position of the Latin American and Spain.

Least corrupt countries in 2012:

1 Denmark (score) 90
2 Finland 90
3 New Zealand 90
4 Sweden 88
4 Singapore 87
6 Switzerland 86
7 Australia 85
8 Norway 85
9 Canada 84
10 Netherlands 84

Most corrupt countries in 2012:

174 Somalia (score) 8
173 North Korea 8
172 Afghanistan 8
171 Sudan 13
170 Myanmar 15
169 Uzbekistan 17
168 Turkmenistan 17
167 Iraq 18
166 Venezuela 19
165 Haiti 19

Positions of Latin American countries and Spain:

20 Chile (score) 72
21 Uruguay 72
30 Spain 65
48 Costa Rica 54
69 Brazil 43
83 Panama 38
84 Peru 38
94 Colombia 36
102 Argentina 35
105 Bolivia 34
101 Mexico 34
113 Guatemala 33
118 Ecuador 32
130 Nicaragua 29
133 Honduras 28
150 Paraguay 25
165 Venezuela 19

Highlights from the 2012 index

As we can see from the results, Denmark, Finland and New Zealand are at the top in the matter of perception of corruption cleanest countries, both the three with a score of 90. TI explains, this is because the three countries have strong systems of access to information and regulate the conduct of public office holders.

In contrast, in the extreme of the index we find Afghanistan, North Korea and Somalia monopolizing the list of most corrupt countries perception. In this case points to the absence of valid public institutions and leaders accountable. In any case, indicates the need to adopt in these territories a stronger stance against corruption.

As for the economic and financial crisis and how it affects the eurozone countries, if you look at the map are those most affected countries in Europe which have remained unsatisfactory positions (Spain Ranked 30). Perhaps for this reason from TI warns that Europe must address the risks of corruption in the public sector as a means to alleviate and overcome the financial crisis, urging greater efforts to shield the public from corruption.

Latin American countries such as Chile highlights the territory where the perception of corruption is lower occupying 20th place. In contrast, Venezuela ranks as one of the most corrupt being in the 165th.

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