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Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

Tricks to replace your recipes IFTTT with Twitter

Yesterday got an email from Linden Tibbets, CEO, announcing that stops IFTTT support due to changes in its API and the truth is that the tone of the email was so sad to finish reading it I felt sorry. First for the great service that has built IFTTT, suddenly sees loses one of the most important components of your tool and then for us, for the number of users that solves IFTTT us life and we have the Twitter integration to trigger many of the we use every day.

After the penalty for a decision on the part of Twitter that I find unnecessary, immediately started thinking about what recipes we substitute for the lack of Twitter not so noticeable. I use Twitter as much in IFTTT trigger and recommended several actions in those IFTTT 36 recipes to work for you , so I made some new in a short list that may be helpful for us to maintain the objectives of the processes we have defined with Twitter.

So far several were using Twitter to be keeping all tweets in one of our calendars and this will no longer be possible. A solution to this the proposed Rafa Merino and is using RSS your Twitter account as a trigger . For your best using RSS IDfromUser . RSS The route of our profiles is as follows:

which replace the zeros by our ID number. From there you can configure Quick Recipe + Add Event Feed on RSS IFTTT with that, which we will keeping the tweets on the corresponding day in our calendar.
The same can be done by configuring the RSS as a trigger (trigger) if we use other services, for example:

You can also use a feed to have actions configured with favorites from Twitter. In this case, the path is constructed and RSS:

where now replace the zeros by our user (eg marilink). And so, also using RSS as trigger element, we can make recipes how are you:

IFTTT announced that changes in the Twitter API not affect until 27 September, which is the day you stop working capacity push tweets to other places like email, Evernote and Facebook. All personal and shared recipes that have a trigger based on Twitter will be deleted, even those with “shares” of Twitter (not a generator of the action) will continue to function normally. Until that day then we have time to apply these new recipes and find more alternatives if an option is not covered with the ones mentioned in this post.

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