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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Software, Technology |

Tumblr launches its version for the iPad

Tumblr launches its version for the iPad

For quite some time users of , regularly using an iPad, eagerly awaited the arrival of an application for this network of microblogging. The native app Tumblr for iPad is available for free in a few minutes and brings all the features that have become popular in the network: the button to reblog, the chance to explore the most important topics and posts of the day, the ability to post texts and photographs, and several of its traditional capabilities.

Additionally Tumblr for iPad includes elements unique to the iPad, have a navigation bar on the left side very similar to what has Twitter. To publish using a radial menu with different options to publish content: quotes, photos, text, video, chat and links. The truth is that they have achieved a solid implementation, with specific characteristics for the iPad that give a unique and hard to get on the web or on mobile.

Like Google+ for iPad, this application was created to discover and enjoy smooth navigation. It’s like the tumultuous river water, the contents of Internet soar and reach depths of our eyes, thanks to the dance of our fingers on the screen. It may sound poetic and even exaggerated, but it is what actually happens to these applications: we wet our hands and eyes of content, memes, animated GIFs and photos.

If you like Tumblr, and if you use the Google+ app for iPad, be sure to try this new app.

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