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Posted by on Nov 26, 2012 in Social Networks |

Tweepi, Twitter followers management

Tweepi, Twitter followers management

Social networking tools are many. With each passing day, more and develop more services for efficient management of Social Media. is one of the services that accumulates more third-party applications, but due to recent changes in the API has not been too friendly approach. Twitter As administrators, we have to think about all the things we have to do. A task that many consider important to evaluate who we are following. For this Tweepi , whose mission is to “our Twitter account makes sense,” can give us a hand.

Create an account is very simple: we have a free option with limited functionality, and various payment options we added measurement alternatives such as Klout score. But the free option is powerful and allows us to do some things that, otherwise, we had to do manually. For example, when a user starts reciprocate to follow: it may not be a common practice for many of us, but for some brands is critical to know who has started to follow her. In this Tweepi is a great tool.

Let’s talk, first, of the interface. Tweepi has a very clean design, which can detect rapidly the options: a sidebar and superior functionality that basically share a central panel where we can see the options we have in certain functionality, and finally a bar with advertisements of dubious origin I recommend not clicking. These ads disappear if we buy a premium account, for about $ 7 per month, but they are not as annoying as to justify a purchase.

Let us now review Tweepi functionality. With respect to the Twitter account, provides important information on the quality and quantity of users who follow us on this network. For example, those who follow us and who does not. Let’s review these options:

  • With Tweepi we know what we still do not people are following us.
  • We can also see the reverse: who we are following without being followed by ourselves.
  • We also have the ability to stop following some people through a “cleansing” of our timeline.
  • For owners of the paid version, we can force followers not want to have to stop following us.
  • We can follow the followers of a particular user. For example, if we want to follow Apple fans can detect news accounts and then follow the people who follow.
  • In this sense, if we know what kind of people are following bills of interest to us, we can begin to follow these friends.
  • Tweepi is enabled also with the possibility of following lists.

These features are only interesting for a free account. With Premium account have more advanced options that go beyond the follow or not, and allow us to transform Tweepi a business tool. This is important to consider, because there we change the uses of the tool and then justifies its value.

With a Premium account Tweepi can:

  • Search certain tweets according to a theme, according to restrict the location and begin to follow users in that area according to whether or not tuitearon on this theme.
  • Unfollow users who have not tweeted in the last 30 days, how many days is customizable ..
  • Unfollow users who have not followed the account within 30 days of being followed themselves
  • Unfollow eggs, users have never uploaded an avatar
  • Unfollow users who do not have a biography
  • Unfollow users with a certain Klout score.

Ultimately, Tweepi is a powerful tool to automate some tasks of maintaining a Twitter account, for example do a clean fan. Of course, so we can see for power users or administrators of a brand account, what is best is to hire a premium account to enable this functionality. The price is not unreasonable, and if we have the budget available, we should consider it.

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