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Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Mac OS X |

Tweetbot for Mac Now Available

Tweetbot for Mac Now Available

Tweetbot is a client of quite popular among users of iOS devices that, for some time, was preparing his landing on the desktop, ie in a specific version for Mac (which have been tested in a public beta for some time). It seems that, at last, the wait is over and, from today, Tweetbot for Mac is now available on the Mac App Store at a price of $19.99.

The application, in my opinion, looks great and gives the user the ability to view your timeline in a compact or, in the same way we could do with clients like TweetDeck, to generate columns with items that we consider of interest. In addition, the application includes integration with iCloud (to synchronize content) or Instapaper to “read later” we mark the contents (as well as integration with Dopplr or CloudApp).

And what about the price? Maybe $ 20 for a Twitter client, even desktop may sound a lot but the price is a direct consequence of the limits of Twitter’s API does not allow, for example, an unlimited number of users of third-party clients, ie that for Mac software is a limited edition that will be distributed users exceeded a threshold (thus the return on investment is lower and the price is more expensive because Tapbots, the company developer, wants to continue offering product support even when they cease to market).

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The surprising truth is that some of the rules imposed Twitter using their API and, in this particular case, limit the expansion of a product that benefits the one hand, the developer (logical) and also benefits the owner API (it opens more access channels). In fact, one of the limiting factors are Tapbots iOS users, as they impact on the “Most users” admitted using the token and, indeed, have requested users who no longer use the iOS version to revoke access to the application to make way for other users.

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